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Enhance the Safety of Bicycle

safety of your bicycle

According to the Statista Research Department, in 2023, 54.7 million people will ride a bicycle. which is larger than that in previous years and will continue to increase in the coming years. There has been an increase in the number of bike lovers on many streets in the United States. This may be because of people’s understanding of the importance of healthy living, as riding a bicycle can improve their overall mental and physical well-being.  However, there are also rising cases of bike theft also happening in the neighborhood. On average, over 188,500 bicycle thefts are reported every year, with many more unreported. In this article, we dove deep into bicycle security and the uses of GPS Trackers in safeguarding your two – wheeled companion. 

Evolution of bicycle security

Over the years, there have been innovations in bicycles; however, regarding security, there was not much happening, and riders had to satisfy with normal chain locks, cable locks, or D-locks for their safety. Normal chain locks were tough and could be looped around any bike, but they were heavy and difficult to carry, whereas cable locks were light weight and convenient but less secure and looked bad. D- locks were pretty good but couldnot loop through some frames and did not look well. Overall, the main issues with such traditional locks are that they are not safe. With thieves using the latest technology in their theft, these locks never stand a chance of providing 100% protection for your bicycle.  

GPS Tracking for Cycling 

To protect your cycles, GPS trackers are the best solution for your safety needs. These trackers can provide precise location data of where your bicycle is on your mobile phone or desktop. They receive signals from GPS satellites in space, and you can easily track your equipment. Because they are compact devices, they can easily be placed on cycles and another benefit of these devices is that they work on GPS signals; you can look up distance, speed, and location data on your smart device even when cycling in remote areas. 


Overall safety of your bicycle is increased with a GPS Tracker, if in case of theft of your bike GPS data can help police get information and reliable clues in catching thieves without much delay.

Always inform your insurance company if theft has occurred and our cycle is not retrieved.

You may forget your bicycle while shopping in town or cities, and with these trackers, you can easily know where your cycle is without going in circles. 

Fear of getting lost in an unknown region while cycling through the countryside is common 

GPS trackers can be easily  informed of emergency contacts using the SOS emergency button and forward location coordinates.

You can also set Geofencing, which enables you to set virtual boundaries for your bike. Receive alerts if your bike moves beyond these limits.  

Track your experiences, distance traveled, and locations and areas for 365 days.

What is the best bicycle tracker for maximum security? 

ALLROUND FINDER 4G by PAJ GPS provides maximum security for your bicycle. It has 20 days of battery backup and an SOS emergency button. These are new generation trackers that provide real- time location tracking along with route storage for 365 days. These trackers also provide setting up virtual fences, so that you will be informed within no time if your cycle is moved. 

With good locks and a GPS Tracker, we can easily combat the rising theft of bicycles in our country. A GPS tracker is an essential factor in not only increasing the safety of your equipment but also providing great travel data.