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How to find and remove a GPS Trackers Out Of Car

Find and remove GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are considered a great tool for improving the security and safety of valuable assets. As one of the best GPS Tracker providers, it is also our responsibility to address concerns regarding their installation and removal. Therefore, normally, there are maybe three reasons for the removal of trackers.

1. You want to install a new tracker

2. You want to shift the tracker to your new car

3. Tracker is placed without your knowledge.

For the first two cases, it will be easy to find and change it because you are already aware of its position. However, in the third case, it is something related to your privacy being compromised as it is a part of illegal tracking and you need to seek legal consultation. In this article, we examine some methods for finding and removing GPS trackers from cars.

How to find out if you are tracked 

There are few ways to determine if you are being tracked without your knowledge. First, conduct a thorough search of your car and look for anything unusual. You need to know what you want. Tracking device shape and size changes according to the companies, but generally they are all small boxes with magnetic sides. 

PAJ GPS Hardwire Trackers

These are trackers with wires connected to the battery and ignition. They are usually set up in the dashboard, so they are not easily found. Because these trackers are directly connected to the car battery, there is no shortage of power in the tracker. These trackers have good signal strength and can show accurate location even in remote areas.

CAR OBD Finder 

These are commonly known as plugin trackers and are convenient and user-friendly, often requiring minimal installation effort. Users can “plug in” underneath the steering wheel in the OBD 2 port or other designated ports or power source within the vehicle.

How to Find and Remove GPS Trackers from a car

Removal of a GPS Tracker is easy if you know where it is placed by you or the car company. However, we are here discussing trackers that you did not place. However, we need to know where all trackers are commonly placed. 

You need to check the glove box, center console, lower side of the rear window, side storage in the trunk, rear bumper, door storage of the vehicle, front bumper, and engine bay. These are top spots where trackers are placed normally, but since you have doubt of being illegally tracked, it might be good to check under the seat as well as under the car for a tracker. 

You can also use an electronic sweeper to check for any cellular signal transmission coming from the car indicating the tracker.  

 It is good to bring the car to a mechanic shop so that the mechanic can lift it and inspect its bottom.

When you are checking for illegal trackers, it is also advisable to look for unusual wires as some products have wires for GPS and GSM antennas, and remove them completely. Remove the wire from ignition as well. 

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Removing the Device Carefully

When removing the device, you should carefully look at the wires of the trackers that are connected to the car battery for charging. Hard-wired units are wired directly into your car’s power supply, so that you have 

Unlimited battery life. Disconnect the wire first and safely remove it. You can easily remove magnetic trackers using a gentle plug. 


GPS Trackers are created to enhance your safety and security, but they are sometimes used with bad intentions. If you find yourself at the receiving end of illegal tracking, it is advisable to seek professional help, such as mechanics or other electronic technicians, in finding the tracker and disposing it. You can also seek help from law authorities to find who placed the tracker there.