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Application areas of GPS tracking

The advantages of GPS trackers for locating people

With a GPS tracker it is possible to locate people, even worldwide and independent of a fixed radio mast. If you don’t want to locate people in a certain room, but see their application areas outside of buildings, a GPS tracker is perfect for locating people.

Use cases for GPS person tracking

GPS trackers are very well suited for recording the routes or positions of people, where the localization does not have to be accurate to the meter. This can be the case, for example, if you want to monitor whether a person leaves a certain area or enters a certain area.

Want some examples?

  • The routes of parcel or newspaper messengers could be recorded to document the delivery of a shipment.
  • Security services can show their customers that certain objects were actually secured by a person, as it can be shown that this person was actually on site.
  • People with dementia who enter or leave certain areas can be helped quickly.

These and of course many other areas of application can be covered by a GPS tracker for locating people.  If you are unsure whether a GPS tracker can help in your intended area of application, please contact us. PAJ can advise you individually and in detail based on many years of experience.

Geofencing/Geo-fences help you

A standard feature in a GPS tracker for people is geofencing, also known as GEO fence. This allows you to define areas where the unit will sound an alarm if you leave or enter the area. An SMS with coordinates, date and time is sent to a previously defined phone number.

How can GPS data loggers help?

A GPS data logger records the positions of a GPS transmitter at regular intervals. It differs from a GPS transmitter or GPS tracker in that it does not send the position coordinates determined by the GPS signal to the user, but stores them permanently or at regular intervals on an internal micro SD card. This results in a recording of a route covered, which can be evaluated on the PC afterwards. This allows routes to be displayed on the screen in programs such as Google Maps or Google Earth.

With a GPS tracker like the GOLD Finder from PAJ you have both functions in one device. On the one hand, it can store covered routes on an inserted memory card, on the other hand, its position can be queried remotely.

Can I locate people?

If you locate or monitor a person without their knowledge or consent, this is punishable by law. As the BGH has decided, monitoring of persons by means of GPS receivers attached to vehicles is not permitted.

In this case, a detective agency has carried out undercover surveillance assignments for various clients (private individuals), which should lead to findings about the professional and/or private life of persons (target persons).