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Are Pet GPS Trackers Safe

are pet trackers safe. tracker with a dog

Pets, whether cats, dogs or even horses are often considered as part of our family.  According to the latest reports on pets in the USA, one in three pets goes missing every year, that is, almost 10 million pets go missing every year in the USA, and most of them are never found again, since their welfare and wellbeing is of paramount concern for us. We should ensure that they are perfectly fine and happy. And if they go missing, we should find them quickly so that they can be away from harm. With advancements in technology, it has become easy to combat the loss of our beloved ones. Systems such as pet GPS trackers can easily monitor them and help us stay attuned to the whereabouts of our furry companions. In this article, we delve deeply into whether pet GPS trackers are safe.

What is a Pet GPS Tracker?

Pet GPS Trackers are small GPS tracking devices placed on your pets to obtain real- time tracking data. These devices use signals from satellites to pinpoint your pet’s exact location. Because these trackers are very precise in calculating and analysing the location data, it is very easy to track your pets without huge effort. 

Any health issues caused by the use of GPS Trackers

Many people are concerned about introducing a foreign object to a pet’s body because they fear that their pets will be exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. However, according to a study by NCBI, this is not the case. The study found that the RF-EMF exposure of pets from trackers lies distinctly below the ICN IRP reference levels. This means that adverse health effects on animals from exposure to RF-EMFs from trackers can be largely excluded.

Pet GPS Tracker Benefits

Track live location 

Now you don’t have to be with your pets all the time to know their movements. With pet trackers, you can monitor them in real time. You can access their live location using your smartphone or desktop. 

Whether they frolic in the backyard or embark on an unknown adventure, effortlessly tracking their trajectory becomes a reality.

Safety and security brings peace of mind to owners

Wandering or getting lost is most common for pets, and using a GPS tracker ensures swift location retrieval. You can set up safe zone alerts that will alert you when they move from a safe zone. This additional layer of security proves invaluable for pet owners. It affords greater freedom to your pet and diminishes your anxiety.

What is the Best Pet GPS Tracker?

Pet GPS Trackers are a great asset to keep your companions safe; now we have to look at the best equipment to do the work efficiently. PAJ-GPS trackers provide various trackers that are suitable for your pets, such as dogs and horses. These trackers have various features, including geofencing, live location monitoring, invisible fences, and a call-back function for pets. They also have a great battery life of up to 9 h in continuous use and up to 5 days in standby mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my pet exhibits aversion to wearing the tracker?

A foreign object to their body at first seems uncomfortable to them ,but gradual introduction and positive reinforcement can facilitate your pet’s adjustment to comfortably wearing the tracker. PAJ GPS trackers are also lightweight

Can GPS trackers pose a threat to my pets’ well-being?

No, reputable GPS trackers are crafted with your pet’s health at the forefront, prioritizing size, weight, and safety. There is no need to worry about RF-EMF exposures. 

How accurate are pet GPS trackers in terms of their tracking capabilities?

Because these trackers have high signal strength, they  have high precision, delivering real-time location data with high accuracy. 

Do pet GPS trackers function in rural areas?

Indeed, many trackers use a blend of satellite and cellular signals, ensuring connectivity even in rural areas.