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Alert Functions

Our dedicated finder portal app can give you various alarms and statistics. These functions are available without any additional cost. You will get instant alerts on your phone via push messages and as emails. 

Alert Functions
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3 steps to install GPS Tracker

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For that extra security and better feeling: the GPS trackers from PAJ

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  • Real-time location on your mobile app
  • Protection against theft by alarms
  • Complete package without additional costs for use abroad
  • Easy access via web browser or app (iOS & Android)

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PAJ GPS Coverage 4G
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It works as advertised and does more than I expected it would. I am able to see the historical path of the vehicle I’m tracking, including where the vehicle stopped for short times. Easy to setup and easy to use in my opinion

What a wonderful device. Very accurate and tells me everything that’s going on within the vehicle. The alerts that come with it are fantastic.

This product does what is supposed to do at an affordable price both for the device and the monthly fee. Will update all my vehicles soon.