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 Unique new year gift for loved ones

father and mother gifting unique new year gift to thier little girl.

The new year is fast approaching, and with it come new hopes and wishes. New years are also a time for surprising loved ones with gifts.  We all must be thinking about what original gift can I give this new year: a book, a classic tie, some clothes…? PAJ GPS offers you different ideas for this new year: a gift GPS tracker, among a wide variety of solutions.

Giving a GPS tracker, depending on needs, can be used to locate our dog if it gets lost; tell us if our car is being stolen; locate our luggage in case of loss; or protect our children or elderly people with dementia.

In addition, this new year, you can get these GPS locators as gifts at 15% off .

GPS device for those who want to have their car protected

A very practical and original gift to protect our car is the CAR OBD Finder 4G 2.0 , a locator suitable for all types of cars . It has a price of $39.99. This device has a strong battery backup that lasts up to 12 h during power interruption. It works with 4G technology in more than 100 countries, warns if a certain area is crossed, and has an SOS button. Another alternative to avoid having to charge the battery is Vehicle Finder 4G 1.0 . It is connected to the car battery and does not need to be recharged. It can be easily hidden, and thieves will not be able to detect it. Its price: $39.99

Vehicle Finder 4G 2.0: The best theft insurance for your motorcycle

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? We have the perfect idea to surprise them: Vehicle Finder 4G 2.0 connects to the motorcycle battery and is conveniently hidden so that it is not detected by thieves. It will locate the motorcycle instantly if it is stolen from you to find out where it is. Additionally, this device notifies you with an alert if someone moves the motorcycle. Vehicle Finder 4G costs $39.99.

Power Finder 4G for luggage: I always know where my suitcase is.

Do you want to make a practical gift for someone who travels a lot or is very adventurous? This GPS locator is a perfect complement. Whenever someone moves your bags, you will receive an alert and will know their location. The Power Finder 4G is an ideal device for travelers and adventurers. This device knows better than airlines where your luggage has gone. This device also allows you to create a history of your routes and trips. Its price: $34.99

GPS locators to protect people

GPS locators are also very useful for keeping track of people: our children, especially if they are going on a hike or are adventurous, or older people with dementia or Alzheimer’s who are at risk of becoming disoriented or lost. AllRound Finder 4G fulfills this task perfectly. The gift GPS locator is very useful at different times. Its price is $29.99.

Therefore, if you are looking for different ideas for this New Year, a GPS locator is the perfect option. For those who want to protect their car or motorcycle from thieves, for those who want to always have their pets located so that most travelers do not lose their luggage, and for those who want to have their loved ones located, PAJ GPS locators are the better option. Surprise your family and friends with an original gift.

The new year is fast approaching, bringing new hopes and wishes. The New Year is also a time to surprise loved ones with gifts.

Let us think what an original gift we can give this new year: a book, a classic tie, or some clothes. PAJ GPS offers you different ideas for the new year. How about gifting a GPS tracker?

A GPS tracker protects your vehicle, dog, or luggage from theft or loss. They can also help track older people with dementia. 

In addition, this new year, you can get these GPS locators as gifts for 15% off .