Personal GPS Tracker
for Safety

Personal GPS Tracker are used on many occasions in life. In fact, these tracking devices are so popular because of their small size and user-friendliness. PAJ has developed products that are safe to use and have the low radiation level ever compared to other similar products.From child safety to elder people Personal GPS Trackers play a major role in safeguarding people we love. It is chaos when we lost track of our child during a field trip. Those situations bring so much tension. This can be avoided by well placing a Small Portable GPS Tracker for kids.


EASY Finder 4G

Up to 14 days of battery life in standby mode

Waterproof according to IP65

SOS button for alarms in emergency situations

Can be used flexibly in numerous areas of application

gps tracker for car - all around finder- paj gps


Approx. 20 days of battery life


SOS emergency button

Can be used flexibly in numerous areas of application

Also in dementia, people lost track of the way around the neighborhood. Sometimes they may need immediate attention. With the dedicated SOS button now your grandparents can easily reach out to you for help when in need. Our personal GPS Tracker for Elderly is a great choice for keeping your loved one closer than ever.

All of us love traveling. Traveling in caravans is much more fun and cost-effective. But voyaging into unknown territories has a great deal of threat. A Personal Car tracker can help you get confident in your travel.

Features of Personal


LIVE Tracking

View the current location from anywhere at any time in 3-D view


Store Traveled Routes

You can store the traveled routes up to 100 days in your application


Invisible Fence

Immediate alerting via push message when the tracker device leave a defined area.


Emergency Button

With the SOS button you can alert the police department quickly in an emergency situation.

Travelers are often findings themself on an unknown route to the destination. Our Personal Tracker device has the ability to store the traveled data for up to 100 days. This helps you to recollect the routes you have traveled earlier.Because our sim card is M2M type we have coverage in over 100 countries. Also, this Small Portable GPS Tracker has the ability to switch in between the best network available on any location

Frequently Asked Questions About
Personal GPS Tracker

The range is unlimited because of M2M sim card. It will automatically find the best network and always send signals to your gadget  

Absolutely not. It has been tested and proven by the international authorities. So you are safe to hold our trackers all the time. Also, it is small, lightweight, and fashionable design.

In order to be able to guarantee the functionality of a GPS Tracker for Elderly, a special SIM card is built into the device. This enables location tracking in real-time without any restriction of range or additional costs abroad. We charge a small service fee for this.