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Magnetic Hidden GPS trackers for car to protects it from theft

Power finder 4G hidden-magnetic gps tracker

Tracking devices that use GPS technology have developed and improved in recent years, bringing new features for various applications. One of the most effective ways to protect our vehicle from theft is to install a hidden GPS tracker in the car.

Portable mini-GPS trackers can be discreetly installed on a car to recover stolen vehicles. These magnetic trackers are undetectable by thieves.

If the car is moved without our consent, the device alerts us through an alarm on our mobile phone, computer, or tablet. Using tracker devices, we can track a vehicle’s real-time location and know where our vehicle is located. Help us inform the police of its location and recover it as soon as possible.

Install a hidden tracker in the car.

Depending on the need, PAJ GPS offers various models of hidden GPS trackers to install in the car, all of which are equally effective. Some are permanently installed and connected to the vehicle’s battery; others have their own power supply and need to be recharged from time to time. The latter can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.

The CAR OBD Finder 4G 2.0 GPS tracker connects through the OBD 2 interface and sends an alarm message as soon as the device is disconnected from external power.

The Vehicle Finder 4G 1.0 GPS tracker has a short cable of 40 cm to connect to the vehicle’s battery and an internal battery that lasts 12 h if the cable is removed from the battery terminal. This same GPS tracker can also be purchased in version 2.0 with a 1.5-m cable to hide it and make it harder for thieves to detect. It has LEDs that emit very little light to prevent the device from being detected.

Both these devices send an alert as soon as someone attempts to remove them from the car.

Among portable GPS trackers, a very versatile model from PAJ GPS is the Power Finder 4G GPS tracker, a device with a 90-day standby mode that doesnot require a cable. This allows the GPS tracker to be hidden in various places in the vehicle and easily moved from one car to another. This tracker device comes with a strong magnetic back panel that helps to set up in any metallic part of a car.

Easily rechargeable and suitable for different functions

All our portable GPS trackers are easily rechargeable and can be used to monitor a vehicle’s movements in real time while providing a complete record of all journeys. From the Finder portal, you can set up different types of alerts and monitor vehicle attributes such as distance covered, speed, and current location.

PAJ GPS is at the forefront of developing GPS trackers so that, whatever you need to track, there is a device with the right size, features, and battery life for all needs: hiding it in a vehicle, taking it on trips, keeping track of people (children, family members with dementia, etc.), and even alerting in emergencies.

There is no doubt that a hidden GPS tracker in the car protects it from theft. Choosing a discreet place to hide it is essential so that it is not detected by thieves. Check after installation that the signal arrives with sufficient strength. You can relax: your vehicle will always be secured.


Benefits of Hidden Tracker Devices

Compared with other security elements for protecting vehicles, magnetic hidden trackers have few advantages.

  1. Magnetic back panel – The magnetic back panel allows the tracker device to attach to any metallic surface on the car. It can also be used to track metalic objects such as cases and jewel boxes.
  2. Untraceable to thieves: Because we can set up the tracker device anywhere on the car, it is difficult to trace its presence in the event of theft.
  3. Easily relocated: Hidden GPS trackers can be easily placed on any device. all we have to do is remove them from one vehicle and simply stick them to another.
  4. Our Power Finder 4G hidden tracker is water proof and has the best-in-class battery life. The standby battery life is up to 90 days.


Where to set up a Hidden GPS Tracker on your car

This is a tricky area. Our Power Finder 4G GPS Tracker has an optimal size and strong magnetic pull. This makes the device perfectly suitable for hiding tight spaces in your car.

Here are some suggestions for places where you can set up a magnetic tracker. You can also be creative and produce places that you find suitable.

1. Under the steering wheel: 

2. Front and rear bumpers

3. Under the side step metallic surface

4. Under the car seat

5. In between the rear car seats

6. Inside the glove box

7. Side panel of the rear boot

8. Inside the steppini chamber on the rear bumper.