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8 places in a car where you can put GPS tracking Device

8 places in a car where you can put GPS tracking Device

The GPS tracker is the highest level of security you can provide to your vehicle. There are a lot of examples out there in which a GPS tracker becomes the center point for finding out the lost automobile. It is shocking that the rate of vehicle thefts is increasing day by day.

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is the latest victim of car theft. His suv got stolen and later recovered using the help of a GPS Tracker.  Here we will discuss the place in the vehicle where you can put the car tracker safely without being noticed.

Things to consider while placing a GPS tracker 

Before we discuss more the places to put the tracker let us discuss the criteria for selecting such places. Depending upon the vehicle tracker design the places may vary. A GPS Tracker comes with two types of power sources, i.e; battery-powered and a tracker that can be connected to the car battery.

As per Brick house security, signal strength plays an important role in the location of the vehicle tracker in the car. As a general rule of thumb, the tracker should have a line of sight to the sky even though most of the trackers can capture the signal through windows, wood, and glass. Along with signal strength, it is obvious to note down the battery life and built quality to decide the tracker location.

Where to put the  tracker 

Now that we have understood the best practices for placing a GPS tracker inside a motor vehicle, let’s discuss the place in which we can hide the vehicle tracker inside the car. There are serval places but we are listing 8 places which is the ideal location for placing tracker for car.

  1. Glove Box
  2. Centre Console
  3. The lower side of the rear window
  4. Side storage in the trunk
  5. Rear bumper
  6. Door storage of the vehicle
  7. Front bumper
  8. Directly engine bay

You can be creative in this segment. You can find an ideal place after closely examining the vehicle tracker you have purchased.

According to Tracking system direct, you can even place the GPS tracker underneath the automobile or underneath the seat itself. It is totally up to your convenience but be sure to check out the signal from the different places after placing the tracker. If it returns a good connection even in a low range area, your choice of place is good. Otherwise, you might want to change the position to something else.

Few additional places to consider for placing the GPS Tracker on motor vehicle

  1. Under the seat cushion: Seat cushions can easily hold small GPS tracker devices without compromising comfort. You will need a technician’s help to install it. Above all, check the feasibility of this option with your car service team as some seats may loose integrity upon opening the cushion.
  2. Inside the break lights: The break lights hold considerable space for holding a GPS Tracker. Once you open up the lights cover, you can place a tracking device without tampering with the wiring. Make sure the device stays firm inside the compartment, otherwise you will hear noise while running.
  3. Sun visors: The sun visors above the dash board of passenger seats are also a good place for adding a GPS Tracker device.

Best place to put GPS Tracking device inside a vehicle with the battery

As we discussed earlier you can be really creative in this segment of automobile trackers. There will be a magnetic mount with this type of GPS tracker. This can be placed anywhere on the vehicle where there is a metal part. But be sure not to place it near the fuel tank or its pipes. As stated earlier the focus should be on placing the tracker for a car where it can get a direct connection without any object in between ( Atleast..!!!).

Car GPS Trackers without inbuilt battery

The only place in which these types of trackers for vehicles can accommodate is the OBDii Port or a separate connection to the car battery. There are pros and cons for trackers without an inbuilt battery.


There is no doubt that a vehicle tracker will be an ideal solution for car safety. The placement of tracking devices inside a car relies on the product itself. For optimal GPS tracker performance, prioritize a location that supports the device’s battery type and build quality, and always verify signal strength post-installation.. For more information, you can contact us.

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