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GPS Tracker without subscription: Is it worth it?”

The GPS trackers are an integral part of our everyday lives; all the technology surrounding GPS has a firm grip on navigation, logistics and business. But many private individuals also use a GPS tracker because they are handy, reliable and easy to use . The tracking results are accurate and updated continuously. In this article, we are diving deep into how GPS trackers work, what costs to expect if you want to purchase such a device and also disadvantages of GPS tracker without subscription.

How PAJ GPS Tracker works

The latest technological advancement in GPS allows us to locate anyone and anything in a few minutes. We can broadcast our position and store location-related data on image files. GPS technology makes all of this possible. For this purpose, the GPS tracker serves as a receiver; it receives signals from GPS satellites at regular intervals. Based on the information transmitted and the time taken for its transmission, the device can determine its position and send it to the connected smartphone.
The tracking device is connected to a cell phone using the PAJ GPS Finder Portal mobile app. These devices are not limited to tracking, as there is also geo-fence, various alarms, and route history storage.

Disadvantages of GPS Tracker without Subscription

Two GPS tracker models are available in the market, one with a monthly subscription plan and one without any plan. At first, it seems to us as to why we should bother about buying a GPS tracker with a subscription plan. Why waste monthly money? A GPS Tracker without a subscription plan is a dead tracker. It can’t collect data from the server or have a powerful portal that shows accurate location compared to GPS trackers with a subscription. They collect data constantly in the device and save it with the portal of its server; the user can always request and view this via the portal. The user can view his data regularly and thus maintains an overview. You can also monitor and track multiple devices in your user account.

Limited features and functionality 

The main problem with a GPS tracker without a subscription plan is that it is limited as it only provides basic location tracking. Advanced features like real-time tracking, geofencing, and route history analysis are missing.

No Live updates

What is the actual use of GPS trackers for vehicles, pets, and persons? The GPS trackers gives real-time location updates without a cellular data connection to transmit location information. How can we know the actual time location without a subscription when the tracker is not having active data plan or provide live updates?

Tracker without subscription

Service blackout and customer support

People who bought trackers without a subscription plan regularly complain about the lack of customer support they get. At times of service blackout, customers become clueless about what to do. A paid subscription plan includes technical support and assistance if you have issues with the device. Without a subscription you are on your own for troubleshooting.

Battery Life is Compromised

If there is no subscription plan, there will not be any firmware updates that optimize power management. It can cause potential battery issues over time.
If you want to use the GPS tracker to protect your car, family, animals, and valuables with a GPS device, you should ideally use a device with a subscription. So you can be sure that the location is as precise as possible and that the personal data is well secured.