electric car with gps tracker installed in it for security
electric car with gps tracker installed in it for security

GPS Tracker for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are considered to be one of the most eco-friendly inventions in this century. Car enthusiast all over the world has welcomed EVs wholeheartedly. It is always most exciting when the technology blends in with biodiversity. A lot of companies are transforming their service and products more eco-friendly than ever due to the increasing climate change.

Now switching into EVs is definitely a cost-saving step but it also comes with the threat of being stolen and maybe even more. GPS Trackers is still had their position as a guard to save EV’s from theft and a much more functional advantage. EV’s have all the functionalities of a fuel-supported normal car and have some additional benefits too. We will have to discuss that in a later section. Here we will be focusing on the security part only. 

How secure is your Electronic Vehicle

The Ev’s on average will go approximately 300-500km per full charge. This is a good mileage compared to Gas supported vehicles. So to use it as a domestic vehicle around your town, EV’s are the best option. But what if your vehicle goes beyond those limits. It will drain the battery and the vehicle may be damaged. Using a GPS tracker you can mark those limits by using the function Geo-Fencing and secure it all the time.

The important benefit of Tracker for electronic cars is that it can detect Physical damage using vibrational alarm features. Like any other cars, physical damage is the worst thing ever. Especially in an electronic car, it may result in unsolvable issues to the car. To avoid this, PAJ has a special, one-of-a-kind feature called vibrational alarm in which the tracker will notify you if there are unwanted vibrations on your car.

We choose EV to protect nature and save the cost of fuel money. To know the benefit and how much money is saved per month you need to have data stored. This feature is available in the GPS tracker. Here the tracker will save the route traveled for about 100 days. This analytical dashboard will help you to understand how your electric car is performing compared to the normal fuel car. You will also get a chance to verify the car company performance assurance as well.

Electronic vehicles are much more advanced cost-effective than normal vehicles. The theft of such vehicles is also increasing at a fast pace. Because the car is so silent and moves quietly, it is easy for the attackers to steal it from your garage or from your town. A car tracker is very much needed for such expensive investments. 


Although Electronic cars come with some security features, it does not enough for complete protection. PAJ GPS Tracker products not only provide you security but it helps you to monitor the car movement all the time. The analytics is the best part of the GPS tracker. To secure your car and the memories that cherish with it, a GPS tracker is the prime option

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