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The Motorcycle Preparation Guide

A man reparing his bike for Spring Riding Season

Motorcyclists are slowly starting to prepare for their long tours after long days of winter hibernation as spring is here. Before starting your first ride after the break, there are certain things to be aware of. In this article, we will look at a few of them so that you are safe and secure on your journey.

You can save a lot of work by keeping the motorcycle in arid space over the winter, such as in a garage or basement. To avoid corrosion in the tank, make sure to fill the tank during winter. If you fail to store the bike in a frost-proof manner, then you should remove the vehicle’s battery.

Cleaning the motorcycle at the start of the season

The first thing to do on the spring check is thorough cleaning. You don’t have to buy expensive cleaners. A car shampoo with warm water can easily remove coarse dirt and cleans reliably. When cleaning, bikers must pay attention to the materials of the machine. The stainless steel exhaust requires a steel polish, while you need to clean the chain with brake cleaner. Don’t forget to lubricate the drive chain.

After cleaning the machine, visible defects become apparent more quickly, such as missing screws or cracks in the plastic of the casing. You can also see whether there are any foreign objects on the bike or in the tires. Reinstate the battery to check whether there is power to start. 

Make sure that no liquids, such as fork oil, leak.

Check the lighting on the motorcycle.

Before embarking on a tour, inspect both front and rear lighting, their positions, as well as the indicators before start of spring riding season.

Check your brakes before your first ride of the new motorcycle season.

Try to replace brake fluid every two years. After a while, it absorbs additional water, reducing the pressure point of the brake system. In addition, the brake pad also needs to be checked; it should still be far from its wear limit. Otherwise the following also applies in this case: replace it! The last step is to check whether the brake discs and lines are intact. If the motorcycle has defects in the brakes during the motorcycle check, you should not drive off and instead go to a workshop.

Motorcycle Maintenance and Tuning

Oil change is another main thing to do before the tour, especially if not done at the end of the last season. If you change the oil in the autumn, you can quickly check the level and possibly adjust it.Check for any leaks after refilling.

 Also check spark plugs. Inspect plugs for signs of fouling, damage or excessive wear. Replace plugs if needed, gapping to specified measurement.Use anti-seize on threads when reinstalling new plugs. 

Check coolant flush. Drain old coolant completely when the engine is cool. Flush the system with distilled water until running clear. Refill with fresh 50/50 mix of antifreeze/distilled water. 

Check fork seal inspection. Clean fork tubes and inspect for any signs of leaking fork oil. Replace fork seals if they are worn or damaged. Refill to the proper fork oil level specified for your motorbike.

Take safety measures before driving off.

Before the start of the season, it’s crucial to check whether the current insurance coverage is sufficient or needs to be adjusted. The driver can also take additional protective measures for the new season, such as before embarking on long tours or parking in unsecured spaces. Thieves often steal bikes because they can quickly load them into a large car with enough force. Even a lock on the handlebars or a lock does not provide 100% protection against possible theft. In this situation, you can install so-called GPS tracking equipment as part of maintenance. This device is either regularly charged or permanently connected to the machine’s power source. you can locate the bike anywhere in the world with an accuracy of just a few metres by using the GPS app on your smartphone. You can also set additional controls in the app, such as a radius, motion or vibration alarm. The app also enables users to establish virtual boundaries, which promptly notify the owner if breached.

I hope everything is clear now, and you can start preparing for the spring riding season. Happy riding.