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How to locate a luggage by GPS In Real Time 

a single black luggage tracked by best luggage tracker

Luggage always has a chance to get missed on your journey. Some luggage is lost to theft, and others are forgotten at pickup points or missed due to airline errors. So what if one of these baggage has some accessories that are valuable to you? Oh, that will be a nightmare for sure. But wait, we have a good solution for you. Buy the best luggage tracker from PAJ GPS and make sure your assets are all safe and sound throughout your journey.

After buying the locator, then we need to have an understanding of how to properly use these trackers so that they provide maximum security to suitcases. For that, we offer a comprehensive guide on using the best luggage trackers effectively and maximizing their benefits to keep your bags safe and secure.

What is a GPS tracker for bags?

A GPS bag tracker is a device that uses global positioning (GPS) technology to track the location of a suitcase in real-time. It is a powerful tool for travelers, as it allows you to monitor the location of your baggage at all times and from anywhere in the world, depending on the coverage area of the chosen locator

How does a GPS luggage locator work?

GPS trackers for bags work by receiving satellite signals that allow the exact location of the baggage to be determined. These devices are typically connected to a mobile network, allowing them to send location information to an online platform that you can access through a mobile app or web portal.

Steps to locate luggage by GPS

  • Device installation. We will begin our security and safety improvement process by installing the device in your suitcases. You can attach it to the exterior of your luggage using adhesive backs or clips, or place it inside your baggage.
  • Device activation. Once installed, you must activate the device and associate it with an account on the tracking platform. It will allow you to access the baggage location information through the mobile app or the web.
  • Real-time monitoring. Once the device is activated, you can monitor the location of your suitcases in real-time from anywhere by simply logging in to paj finder using your mobile. 
  • Alert configuration. Our top luggage trackers have many other powerful options such as an alert setup that will notify the owners if the luggage moved from a predefined area. It helps in case of any theft attempts. 

Why use the best luggage tracker

Without a doubt, security is the primary benefit of using a GPS tracker for both suitcases and asset tracking. However, the uses and advantages of a locator extend far beyond this; details can be found in this post, which explains how a baggage tracker can help you travel without fear. In summary, learning to locate luggage via GPS is an effective way to keep your valuables safe and secure at all times. Whether for travel or commercial use, investing in the best luggage GPS tracker is a wise decision that offers peace of mind and ensures total security.