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GPS Tracker for Electric Vehicles/cars

GPS tracker for electric car

Electric cars are seen as one of the most environmentally friendly inventions of this century. Car enthusiasts all over the world have enthusiastically embraced EVs. It’s especially exciting when technology and biodiversity come together. Many companies are now making their services and products more environmentally friendly in response to the growing impact of climate change.

Switching to electric cars is definitely a cost-saving move, but it also carries the risk of theft and other potential issues. GPS trackers still play an important role in protecting EVs from theft and providing other functional benefits. EVs have all the features of regular cars that run on fuel, plus a few additional advantages, which we’ll discuss later. For now, let’s focus solely on safety.

How safe is your electric vehicle? On average, an electric car can travel about 300-500 km on a full charge, which is good compared to gas-powered vehicles. Therefore, EVs are a great option for everyday use in the city. However, what if your vehicle exceeds these limits? The battery will drain, and the vehicle may suffer damage. With a GPS tracker, you can set boundaries using the geo-fencing function (a virtual fence) to secure your vehicle at all times.

One significant benefit of GPS trackers for electric cars is their ability to detect physical damage through a motion alarm. Physical damage is a major issue for any car, and it can be particularly problematic for electric cars. To avoid this, PAJ offers a unique feature called Motion Alert, which notifies you when your car experiences unwanted vibrations.

We chose electric vehicles to protect the environment and save on fuel costs. To understand the benefits and monthly savings, you need to have access to stored data. This feature is available in the GPS Tracker. The tracker records the distance traveled for 365 days, and the analytical dashboard helps you compare your electric car’s performance to that of a regular petrol car. You can also check the car company’s performance guarantee.

Electric vehicles are more advanced and less expensive than regular vehicles. However, theft of these vehicles is increasing rapidly. Due to their silent operation, thieves can easily steal them from garages or towns. Considering the significant investment involved, a GPS tracker for electric vehicles is crucial.

In conclusion, while electric cars come with some security features, they are not sufficient for complete protection. PAJ GPS trackers not only provide security but also allow you to monitor your car’s movements at all times. The analytics feature is particularly beneficial. To safeguard your car and the memories associated with it, an electric car GPS tracker is the best choice.