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Battery-powered Car GPS tracker or OBD Tracker?

obd tracker inside car

What is OBD GPS Tracker?

OBD port is a special type of port in your car. Generally, it is not directly visible to the driver instead it is under the dashboard or in the engine bay. An OBD Tracker is the one that directly connects to the OBD port. Depending upon the make and model of the car, you will find the OBD port in specific places inside the car. 

The Tracker device will draw power from the Car battery via an OBD connecter. Once plugged into the OBD port the device will be up and running all the time except when the car battery is down.

How can we find an OBD port inside a CAR?

Different car models have different places for OBD connectors. Usually, the OBD connecter will be sealed under the dashboard on either side of the seats. In some car manufacturers, this will be inside the engine bay 

Now, these places are not fixed and they may vary as per the design of the car. You may have to refer to the manual or take it to the authorized car dealer

Benefits of OBD Tracker?

An OBD GPS Tracker servers the same functionalities as that of the normal Battery powered Car GPS tracker  Unlike the general Trackers, you don’t have to worry about the battery percentage of OBD trackers since it draws power from car batteries.

Other than that the OBD GPS Tracker has the same functionalities and alerts as that of the normal tracker.

Safety measures in OBD Tracker?

OBD GPS tracker needs additional safety measures than the normal remote tracker for car because the intruder may find the tracker easily and can disconnect the tracker from the car. To avoid such incidents the OBD trackers from PAJ were given an additional inbuilt battery. This will act as the backup power when the tracker device is removed from the OBD Port. 

Also, the device will notify the owner instantly in case it is removed from the power source.

Although there is additional power back in the tracker, the thief still is able to get away with your car. The website carlock has listed many advantages of OBD tracker.

What is battery powered Tracker for car?

To perform the duty bestowed upon the tracker for car a strong inbuilt battery was provided. The owner must keep the tracker inside the car hidden safely. In this way, the tracker will be independent of the car battery and hard for thieves to find out the location.Thus drawback of the OBD tracker is now resolved forever. Read more about the dangers in OBD Tracker here

Benefits of a Battery-powered tracker?

General GPS Tracker has a powerful inbuilt battery that can help to run the device for 40 days. Along with the location information these devices will also share the battery percentage to the car owner via the mobile app. So you don’t have to worry about the battery life. 


Both OBD GPS Tracker and general trackers are available in the market but GPS tracker with an inbuilt battery is more popular. It is because of its convenience and security benefits as described earlier. A GPS tracker with an independent power source is the best option for protecting your car. We have already shared another blog about the best places in the car where you can put the tracker.

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