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The Best GPS Tracking Devices for Cars: 2024 Guide

A man sitting and tracking his car

Countless people ask us why we need GPS vehicle tracking devices for cars. The answer is obvious: to protect your vehicle, but that’s only one benefit. There are many more for having a vehicle GPS monitoring device. Before diving deep into the best GPS tracking devices for cars in 2024, we will look at other benefits of having car GPS tracking systems.

Enhanced Vehicle Security

With good GPS technology set up in the car, you can monitor real-time location monitoring to track vehicle movements. You can also set Geofencing alerts if a vehicle enters/exits designated areas. Having a top-rated car gps tracker installed on your vehicle will help during theft recovery assistance to aid in locating stolen vehicles.

Personal/Family Safety

Your teenager is ready to drive, but you are anxious about his safety. No worries, having a GPS tracker will help to track teenage drivers and ensure safe driving habits. You can also set up alerts for unauthorized vehicle use.

Insurance benefits

 A vehicle GPS monitoring device will help you lower insurance premiums by demonstrating risk mitigation. You can read about it here

There are also Potential tax benefits for business vehicles.

Features to Consider When Choosing a GPS Tracker

Now we know why a GPS system is necessary for Cars, let us look at some features to consider when choosing a GPS tracker.

When looking for a tracker, you should look for one with the most accuracy and updates frequently according to motion. Look for trackers with correct-precision GPS receivers that provide accurate location data updated frequently. 

Most trackers can connect to a car battery and will recharge automatically. But if you choose trackers with an internal battery, they have to have a long battery life. Always look for trackers with long-lasting batteries. 

You want to hide trackers from other eyes, so keep them hidden inside the engine bay or somewhere like that, and look for trackers that have durability and weatherproofing. Look for rugged, waterproof devices built to withstand harsh environments and temperature extremes.

Always opt for a device with user-friendly software/apps that easily integrate with your mobile or desktop. Intuitive software platforms and mobile apps can make tracking, monitoring alerts, and retrieving reports quickly. You can check detailed historical location logs over time, so a powerful device with user-friendly software is necessary. 

Research on customer support and reliable technical support. Read testimonials of customers. Ask for warranty coverage and security certification before purchasing a tracker for your car. 

  1. VEHICLE Finder 4G 2.0


Real-time location tracking

Route history

Emergency alert system

Virtual boundaries setting

4G connectivity for improved coverage


Advanced 4G technology ensures reliable tracking

Real-time tracking provides immediate location updates

The emergency alert system enhances safety

Ability to set virtual boundaries for monitoring


Requires a subscription for full functionality

It may have limited battery life due to advanced features

User Feedback:

Users appreciate the real-time tracking and accuracy

Positive remarks on the ease of use and setup

Some concerns about the cost of the subscription

2. ALLROUND Finder 4G


Worldwide positioning

Detailed route history

Push notification alerts

Comprehensive statistics for tracking

Portable and easy to use


Global coverage makes it versatile for different locations

Instant push message alerts keep users informed

The portable design allows for easy transportation


Subscription required for full access to features

Battery life may be a concern for continuous use

User Feedback:

High marks for the accuracy of GPS tracking

Users like the additional features available on the portal

Some feedback on the need for regular charging

3.CAR OBD Finder 4G 2.0


Direct connection to the vehicle

Real-time tracking and route history

Alarm functions for security

Easy viewing and management through an app

4G connectivity


Direct connection to the vehicle provides a constant power supply

Real-time tracking for immediate location updates

User-friendly app for easy control and monitoring


Limited to use with vehicles only

Requires a subscription for optimal use

User Feedback:

Users appreciate the seamless integration with vehicles

Positive remarks on the functionality and reliability

Some concerns about the subscription model

4. POWER Finder 4G


Long-lasting battery life

Real-time location tracking

Emergency alerts

Geofencing capabilities

4G connectivity for reliable performance


Extended battery life is ideal for long-term tracking

Real-time updates provide peace of mind

The geofencing feature adds an extra layer of security


Higher cost due to advanced features

It is bulkier due to the large battery

User Feedback:

Users are impressed with the battery life

Positive feedback on the accuracy and reliability