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GPS tracker devices for pets



Ensure protection of your pets with our GPS pet finder. It comes with pet friendly design and material. The device is waterproof and have long lasting battery. Set up virtual safe zone for pets and track their movement anytime anywhere. 

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Discover everything you can do with GPS pet tracker and the PAJ APP


Seguimiento EN VIVO con tecnología 4G y WIFI


Recibirás un mensaje instantáneo si tu perro sale de un área definida.

Historial de Rutas

La información de los recorridos se guarda por 365 días

Devolución de llamada

Al activar la señal acústica puedes llamar a tu perro desde grandes distancias


track the dog movements live on your mobile device. Even inside the house


Set up virtual safe zone in your app and you will receive alert as soon as dog leaves this safe zone

Route History

365 days route history of your pets journey

Acoustic Call

Special sound on the GPS tracker can be used to train dogs to come to you


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Works great, almost 100% accurate

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Our PET finder comes with 4G network for high location accuracy and utmost reliablity. It has coverage in over 100 countries. The PAJ finder portal anables you to have full control over the pet location.  

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GPS tracker FOR DOGS

For more security and a good feeling

With Pet Finder, you no longer have to worry about your best friend during walks. This GPS tracker for dogs allows you to follow their movements in real time and have the peace of mind that they are always safe.

The device is lightweight, waterproof and shock resistant, so your dog can enjoy his adventures without worry. Don’t let the fear of losing your best friend stop you from enjoying precious moments with him! Trust PET Finder to keep your dog safe and in your company at all times.


Lightness meets functionality

Our tracker is compact, lightweight and easy to use. It adapts perfectly to your dog’s collar or harness without affecting its natural movements. In addition, it is ideal for smaller dogs too.

PET Finder comes with a mount that you can easily attach to your pet’s collar or harness . The device is lightweight and does not disturb your four-legged friend in anyway. Worry no more about your pet’s safety. With GPS PET Finder Now you can enjoy calm and safe walks with your dog at all times.

Why use a GPS dog tracker ?


3 simple steps to protect your dog

1. Buy the PET FINDER 4G dog tracker

  • Real-time location in more than 100 countries
  • virtual fence function
  • Ride history up to 365 days
  • Different alerts (speed, geofence, battery, acoustic signal)
  • 100% waterproof
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Standby: approx. 5 days
Permanent monitoring: approx. 9 hours
52 mm x 42 mm x 15 mm
32 g
5-10 meters depending on the GPS reception of the finder
3.85 V 500 mAh Li-polymer
Max. 2 A (No fast charger); input max. 5V DC

  • 1 Pet Finder 4G
  • 1 M2M SIM card already installed in the device
  • 1 magnetic socket with USB connection
  • 1 rubber adapter for fixing to the collar
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 mounting clip

Unlimited GPS tracking throughout Europe and in more than 100 countries at no additional cost.

A subscription without permanence

Choose the subscription that best suits you

After receiving our product, you will need to select a subscription plan. Coverage in +100 countries.

£5,99 / month
Monthly subscription
Live tracking
Route history: 365 days
Cancel anytime
Without effort?
SIM card included?
App included?
£3,75 / month
2-year subscription: £89,99 charged upon activation
Live tracking
Route history: 365 days
Cancel every 2 years
Without effort?
SIM card included?
App included?

*To use the PAJ GPS tracker, a subscription model and FINDER license per device is required, but multiple devices can be managed from a single account

3. Download our free APP


Use the free PAJ FINDER Portal app to locate your pet at all times!


Now you can have the absolute peace of mind you deserve with the PET FINDER 4G GPS dog tracker!



Frequent questions

With our devices, you will be able to know the exact and real-time location of your pet at all times, regardless of whether you are at home, at work or on vacation.

Our GPS pet tracker shows you the location in real time in more than 100 countries.

It weighs 32 grams and has a size of 52 mm x 42 mm x 15 mm

The PET Finder 4G dog tracker is IP67 certified.

IP67 certification indicates that an electronic device is completely resistant to dust and can withstand complete immersion in water for a short period of time (usually up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter).

Yeah! The pet tracker is also suitable for cats and other four-legged pets, as long as they weigh more than 4 kilograms.

You will receive a push notification on your mobile app and an email notification as soon as your pet leaves the security zone. So you can act quickly to make sure your pet is safe at all times. 

PET Finder 4G: 4/5 days in stand-by mode and 9 hours of monitoring. 

Of course! You can link multiple trackers to our FINDER Portal app and track multiple dogs or pets at the same time. This means that you can have control of the location of all your furry friends from the same application. With our GPS pet tracker, you can rest easy knowing you’re always connected to all your four-legged friends.

Our device is perfect for having a better understanding of how and where a dog searches during an operation or training. With the option to follow the route in real time, you will be able to evaluate and compare the performance of your dog. 

Of course! With the PAJ GPS tracker, you will have access to your pet’s travel history for the last 365 days. In addition, you can consult all this information easily and simply from the PORTAL Finder using your mobile, computer or tablet.

To ensure our dog GPS devices work properly, we include a special SIM card in them. This allows real-time location without range restrictions or additional costs abroad. 

We have 3 subscription models: 

  • $4.17 per month (€99.99 single payment every two years)
  • $4.99 per month (€59.88 single annual payment)
  • $6.99 per month (€6.99 monthly payment)

Subscriptions do not have permanence.

Customer support before and after the purchase

At PAJ GPS, we care about your satisfaction at all times. That’s why, in addition to providing you with pre-purchase advice, we offer a free after-sales service to help you with any issues you may have with your device and make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase.

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