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Mobile GPS Tracker App for horse rider SOS function and precise location

Transform your old Android or iOS device into a reliable GPS locator with Mobile GPS Tracker. This app is designed to provide peace of mind for adventurers, whether you’re engaging in high-risk solo sports like horseback riding or simply exploring the great outdoors.

Mobile GPS Tracker offers a simple yet powerful solution. With just a mobile phone and a power bank, you can activate the app’s GPS tracking feature. Connect your phone to the power bank using a charging cable, open the app, and enable GPS functionality. In case of an accident or emergency, the app will automatically send a message to your chosen family member or friend with your precise location.

Rider riding a horse while looking at their mobile phone.
Rider holds a mobile in his hand, he is using the M-GPS Tracker app
Horse saddle case for powerbank


Multiple alarms

How to use Mobile GPS Tracker

Step 1: Download the app.

If you already have an account on the PAJ Portal, use that account to log in to M-GPS Tracker.


Google play store icon for downloading the paj finder portal app
Mobile GPS Tracker - app Start
Mobile GPS Tracker - app Login
Mobile GPS Tracker - app Home

Step 2: Log in.

Once logged in, activate the GPS function and enable the power-cut alarm feature. Choose the interval (in seconds) at which you want your location to be updated (keep in mind that a longer interval will consume more battery). Lastly, check the box to create SMS notifications.

Step 3: Open the PAJ Portal app.

Select “Devices.” Choose your mobile device from the list. Press the “Share Link” option, which will generate a link for your family members to view and track your activity.


Google play store icon for downloading the paj finder portal app
PAJ PORTAL Sharing Link
mobile showing gps tracking
Horse saddle case while riding
women riding a horse looking at mobile

Step 4: Connect your mobile.

Finally, securely attach your power bank to your horse’s saddle and connect the charging cable to your mobile device. You’re now ready to enjoy a safe horseback riding experience with GPS tracker.

Why use  Mobile GPS Tracker for horse riding?

Girl rider preparing her horse to go riding through the field

Don’t let unexpected circumstances derail your adventures. Download Mobile GPS Tracker today and transform your old smartphone into a reliable GPS locator. Stay safe and explore the world, knowing that help is just a power bank away.

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