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How GPS Tracker offer protection to your Children

a girl walking with Paj GPS child protection tracker

Crimes against childrens are on the rise every year. Parents are worried about the overall safety of their tiny ones. Even in school premises or parks they are not safe, this worries parents a lot. Fortunately, technological advances provide us with practical tools that improve safety and security of your loved ones. Trackers for children are one such effective tool in providing peace of mind for parents. 

These devices are not limited to tracking the location of our children in real time, but they also offer a series of additional functions that can be very useful to us.

GPS Tracker and its working principle

A GPS tracker, short for Global Positioning System, is a device that uses satellites to determine and record the exact location of an object or person. These devices come in different shapes and sizes that are compact and portable and can be integrated into vehicles, backpacks, luggage, bicycles, pets, etc, to track it.

The standard operation of a GPS tracker is as follows: a network of satellites that orbit around the Earth send constant signals that are received and processed by the tracker, then this tracker sends the data to the end user using the internet. 

Best GPS device has these features. 

Quality GPS trackers offer a series of features specifically designed to ensure child protection and provide peace of mind for parents:

Virtual Geofences 

This feature allows GPS trackers to establish virtual fences or geofences that delimit the zones where children can go. This feature will help childrens to stop wandering around and get lost. It will provide safety to childrens and peace of mind to parents. Parents can set up these geofences to receive instant notifications if their children enter or leave specific areas, such as school, the neighbourhood, the park, or a friend’s house.

Route Tracking

GPS trackers record the history of routes taken by children, allowing parents to review itineraries and ensure they are safe.These functions are beneficial for older children who may travel alone to school or participate in extracurricular activities.

Alarm Button

PAJ GPS devices have an alarm button that children can activate in an emergency. This feature sends an immediate alert to parents, allowing them to take quick action to ensure the safety of their children if they feel in danger.

Protection of Personal Objects

GPS trackers also offer the possibility of protecting personal objects of childrens such as backpacks or bicycles. It allows parents to track the location of these items if they are lost or stolen, offering an additional security feature.

And, of course, when we go on a trip with our children to lesser-known places, the locator allows us to keep an eye on them at all times. And we can also use the device to prevent their luggage from being lost .

How does a GPS tracker provide reassurance and comfort in various situations?

Imagine your child is participating in a school trip to a remote location. Even with the presence of teachers or monitors, the risk of him getting lost always remains. 

With a GPS tracker integrated into their backpack you can follow their movements in real time and make sure they are safe. If they wander away from the group or are in danger, you can respond quickly thanks to the alarm button.

Or imagine another scenario where your children are growing up and now want to go alone to school or park. You will obviously have fear letting them go alone, but your fear can also cause childrens to lose confidence in themselves. 

The solution is simple: provide them with a tracker to carry in their backpack. (for his safety and for your peace of mind, you clarify). You set up a geofence around the route it has to travel and receive a notification on your phone if it deviates from the established path. It will let you know if it has strayed from its usual itinerary or if there has been a problem.

The PAJ GPS tracker provides location anywhere in the world, in real time, with a 365-day accumulated route history. It is thanks to its SIM card, which transmits the exact position at all times.

There are other types of wrist or watch devices for children, but since they do not have a SIM card, they have signal reception problems and sometimes take time to connect to receive and send information. The location of these watches is not as effective as a GPS tracker.

In addition, the signal of the GPS tracker for children can overcome obstacles without problems. The device easily fits in a backpack, jacket pocket or anywhere on the body without reducing accuracy.

In short, GPS trackers are very valuable allies for child protection. They offer an effective way to monitor the location of our children and provide parents with peace of mind at all times.