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Can a GPS Tracker for a Car or Bike Help Prevent Theft?

a thief trying to steal motorbike. but GPS tracker prevent car and bike theft

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate reality that many car and motorcycle owners must contend with. In 2022, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported that over 1 million vehicles were stolen, and according to data from the FBI, it is estimated that around 175,200 bikes were stolen in 2019 in the U.S. With this alarming rate of theft occurring every year, we need to take  effective measures such as installing a GPS tracker to safeguard our valuable assets. These compact devices not only provide location tracking but also help prevent theft and enable swift recovery of vehicles. In this article, we dive deep into Can a GPS Tracker for a Car and Bike Help Prevent Theft?

How can a GPS Tracker Help Recover Stolen Vehicles?

A vehicle equipped with a GPS tracker has a higher chance of being recovered than a vehicle without it. When a vehicle equipped with a GPS tracker is stolen, the owner can access the tracking data through a secure online dashboard or mobile app. This allows them to see the current and historical locations of their vehicles. If the vehicle is moved, the owner is alerted via text or email. The owner can then provide tracking information and location updates to law enforcement to assist in identifying and recovering the stolen property. This makes recovery of the vehicle very smooth, easy, and more probable than without a tracking device, as recovering stolen vehicles is very unlikely.

Benefits of GPS Trackers for Cars and Bikes

Real-time tracking for quick recovery

One of the main advantages of  having PAJ  GPS trackers installed on your vehicle is that you will be provided with instant real-time location updates. In the unfortunate event of theft, this feature enables owners and law enforcement agencies to track and recover the stolen vehicle by accessing live data.

Geofencing setup for high security

Another cool feature of PAJ GPS trackers is that they allow users to set up geo-fencing, creating virtual boundaries for their vehicles. When a vehicle moves outside these predefined areas, the owner is alerted with instant notifications, adding an extra layer of security.

Instant alerts on mobile

PAJ  GPS trackers offer advanced features such as movement sensors and tamper alerts. Any unauthorized activity, such as towing or attempts to disable the tracker, triggers immediate notifications to the owner, deterring potential thieves.

There are additional benefits of using GPS trackers

Alerts for unauthorized usage or off-limit areas

Location tracking of teens or employees using company cars

Engine diagnostics, including speed and acceleration.

Driver scoring and safety report 

Can a thief spot a GPS tracker and remove it during a robbery?

Most people have this fear and ask questions like this when they are told to install a GPS tracker in their car or bike. GPS trackers are small and compact devices that are designed to be covertly installed in a hidden area, such as the chassis or underside of a car or inside the body panels of a motorcycle, because they are smartly hidden, they can easily help you with swift recovery of stolen vehicles.

How to track a car

At PAJ GPS, there are two types of GPS trackers: tacker devices that require installation, hardwired and OBD types, and battery-powered GPS trackers without installation. vehicle owners can easily set up both these type of trackers .However, concealing the tracker is crucial, and creative placement ensures that thieves are less likely to discover and disable it. you can read our article on how to creatively hide trackers.

Case studies 

Now let us look at a few real-life incidents where GPS trackers helped in finding their vehicle.

Despite delayed police response, Portland’s Pearl District, Jonah Herman found himself without his keys and turned to quick thinking to recover his stolen BMW. He independently tracked his car to 11th and Washington, where he discovered the abandoned vehicle after a joyride by the thieves.

In a recent incident, a stolen quad bike was swiftly recovered thanks to its fitted tracker, enabling law enforcement to locate and return it to its owner promptly. The police spokesperson highlighted the effectiveness of various security measures, including GPS trackers, immobilizers, motion detection CCTV, shed alarms, and quad cages, in deterring thieves from targeting valuable equipment like quad bikes.


From the above case studies, a GPS tracker for a car and bike can indeed help prevent theft and significantly increase the chances of recovering stolen vehicles. The combination of real-time tracking, advanced features, and user-friendly interfaces makes GPS trackers a must-have tool for vehicle owners when there are increasing threats of theft and safety.