GPS DOG TRACKER and finder portal from paj

GPS DOG TRACKER and finder portal from paj

Dog GPS tracker is safe for your dog

Stay calm when the dog runs away

Easily secure certain areas

Our GPS tracker for dogs is ideal for outdoors

Dog GPS Tracker All important facts at a glance

Be calm when the dog
runs away

LIVE location
Route recording – retrospectively viewable
App included

Define secure areas for
your Dog

Create Geo-fence
Alarm message when leaving and entering the area
Push notification to mobile devices

Our Dog GPS Tracker is super
friendly with Dogs

Small and light
Easy mounting

Ideal for outdoors

Optimal hold on the collar
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Why a DOG tracker ?

gps dog tracker

The idea of the horror scenario that your own pet runs away and is no longer available, is certainly known to every dog owner. Maybe you have had this unpleasant and drastic experience yourself. More than 30,000 dogs are reported missing every year, many of them are never found again.

Despite all well-intentioned advice, the concern for your own dog unfortunately does not diminish, the constant fear of such a scenario haunts you again and again. These situations usually happen within seconds and without warning, there is often hardly any time to react. For a little more certainty and the possibility to intervene in the worst case, we have a solution: GPS Tracker for dogs.

With a GPS transmitter for dogs you can always track where your four-legged friend is. The PET Finder can be attached to your dog’s collar or harness. So if your dog runs away, you have at least the option to make sure that he does not run into a dangerous road and find his way back home. In an emergency, you could then intervene and recapture your dog.

Dog run away:
5 reasons why dogs run away

Various causes can tempt a dog to run away. In the following section we will explain some of these possible circumstances.

The following points can cause a dog to run away:

  1. Unexpected situations
  2. Hunting drive
  3. Foreign environment
  4. New family member
  5. Reproductive instinct

1. Unexpected Situations

A sudden event can cause a dog to run away in fear. A cause can be, for example, a gunshot in the woods or fireworks. As is well known, dogs hear much better than humans, which is why sounds that are not perceptible to the human ear can be threatening or disturbing for him. A GPS tracker can prevent this.

2. Hunting instinct

Even contrary scenarios can lead to the escape of your own dog. Exciting smells and also sounds can tempt a dog to run away to follow them.Not only do dogs hear much better, they are also fantastic sleuths. A circumstance that is not always an advantage. Especially dogs with a pronounced hunting instinct like to follow the tracks of game. Once the smell in the nose, these are highly concentrated to follow it and often hardly retrievable.

3. Foreign Environment

In addition to the sources of noise and odours described above, unfamiliar surroundings can generally lead to the dog running away. The emphasis here is especially on the part “living”. Dogs have a natural territorial instinct, so if you move with your dog after many years, you must be prepared for the fact that your four-legged friend might try to find his old house again.It is similar in the case, if a master takes his dog with him on vacation. Also here the confusion of the dog can end in his disappearance.

4. New Family Member

If you have just taken a new dog into your family, possibly from a shelter or from abroad, we recommend that you take special care. The history of the animals is often not known and it is not foreseeable how they will react to all the unfamiliar impressions.

5. Reproductive Instinct

Besides all other causes, dogs also very often run away because of their sex drive. Many males cannot resist the smell of a bitch in heat. Even if the dog is well-behaved, this extreme stimulus can cause the male dog to become unavailable and chase the scent. But this can also happen to owners of bitches. The urge is often so strong that a bitch runs away to look for a suitable partner.

Quick action is of great importance in both cases. An unintentionally pregnant bitch can throw an average of four to five puppies. However, larger litters of up to 12 puppies are not uncommon. In case of an unintentional mating, the owner of the male dog can also be held responsible for the follow-up costs and must pay these at least in part.A fast finding of the dog is in this case therefore of special importance. With our GPS dog tracker you can query the live location of your four-legged friend in seconds and find him again.

GPS Dog: How do I attach the PET Finder
and does it disturb my dog?

Of course, it is very important to us that our GPS Dog tracker can be carried well and that the four-legged friends do not feel disturbed. Therefore we have designed the PET Finder to be especially light and small. In addition – thanks to the simple attachment by a rubber holder – it is no problem at all to attach the device to the dog collar or harness. Most dogs are accustomed to wearing these items anyway and experience has shown that they get along with the tracking device very quickly.

All tests with the four-legged friends have so far run without problems. Owners need not worry that the device might be too heavy for their beloved four-legged friend. The animals related to the wolf can carry up to 30% of their body weight.

Before the first attachment we recommend that you familiarize the dog with the foreign device. It is also advisable to have the dog GPS device carried in a safe and supervised environment before you go for a walk. If necessary, the attachment can be adjusted so that your pet can safely carry the tracker outside.

For the following reasons, it makes sense to buy a GPS tracker for your dog:

  1. Geo-fence against breakout
  2. For travelling with your four-legged friend
  3. Theft protection
  4. Line tracking
  5. Alternative to the brand

1. Geo-fence against eruption

As described above, there are many reasons why your dog may run away. Whether out of fear, hunting instinct, unfamiliar surroundings or due to a sudden event, dogs are still first and foremost instinct and instinct controlled animals.

Fencing your dog virtually can be beneficial for several reasons, for example if your dog is tempted to leave your property, you will be notified immediately. This reason can also be another four-legged friend, such as another dog or even a cat. No matter why your dog breaks out, thanks to the GPS for dogs, you are informed immediately and can intervene as quickly as possible if necessary.

2. Dog GPS Tracker for travelling with your four-legged friend

Does the dog come with you on holiday or on business trips? If you don’t want to lose sight of your four-legged friend, you can also use the ONLINE tracking system abroad. Our GPS tracker dog can be used worldwide. By the inserted M2M map also outside of Germany, routes are recorded, the alarms are active and also our free App is everywhere available. Especially in foreign areas you might want to track where you were walking, jogging or cycling with your dog.

Unlike variants without monthly costs, with our monthly subscription you always know how much you have to pay at the end of the month. There are no exorbitant costs due to frequent location queries or additional fees abroad. The costs of 4.99 Euro per month remain constant. The advantages of this SIM card compared to a normal SIM card are therefore of great importance for unlimited and trouble-free usability.

3. Theft protection with the GPS Tracker Dog

Hard to imagine for every animal lover, but dogs are also stolen. Depending on the breed of the dog, good money can be earned for thieves in this crime. So if you leave your four-legged friend alone on the property once or regularly, a dog GPS device could at best prevent a kidnapping.

Very helpful for this is the Geo-fence, as soon as your dog leaves a certain area, you will receive an alarm immediately. This way you can inform the police in a timely manner and at the same time provide valuable information. Without this, officers often grope in the dark for a long time because there are no clues. So GPS for dogs also serves as an additional security against theft.

4. Track and Trace

In your free time you like to go hiking, running or cycling with your dog? Do you enjoy being out in nature together and would like to retrace your route afterwards? Then you will find great pleasure in following the route.

In our online portal you have all important facts at a glance. So you can look up where you have found particularly beautiful places or where your dog could really let off steam. Even during a walk you can view the distance covered. Thanks to our free app, everything is possible on the go.

5. GPS for dogs Alternative to the brand

Owners often use tags with all their data to ensure that in the event of an incident, the escaped animal can be safely identified. If you do not want to reveal your data here, a sticker can be left on the finder itself, for example with a request “Please press SOS button”. This will send you the location of your four-legged friend from the GPS tracker dog and can be retrieved safely.

Of course, a combination of these two possibilities is also helpful for the finder of your pet. The big difference remains: The brand tells others where and who you are. The tracker tells you where your dog is.

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