PAJ GPS tracker
for cars

Most Trusted Tracking Device in the world

A GPS Tracker let you track your vehicle in real time. It can inform you the live location, speed of the car and much more. All these information will help you to get status of your car security anytime and anywhere.

PAJ GPS has the robust GPS car tracking products which have proven to be the excellent option for protecting your vehicle. It is no news that you can count on GPS tracking where inbuilt car security systems are falling.

Choose from various Installing options

No technicians needed. PAJ devices can be installed straight from the box by the owner itself.

Devices connected to OBD port 

  • Connected directly to the OBD ll port of the car
  • Uses the power from car battery
  • Additional inbuilt battery to alert the owner in case if it is removed from the OBD port

Tracker with its own battery

  • Inbuilt battery to track up to approx. 40 days. 
  • In standby mode even up to 90 days.

Tracker connected to Car Battery

  • Connected directly to the car battery
  • Additional inbuilt battery to alert the owner in case if it is removed from car battery

Mobile / Desktop Application

PAJ Finder Portal – The backbone of GPS tracking

Our tracker device works with the dedicated PAJ Finder portal application. It’s available on mobile and desktop.

The Finder portal is the gateway to monitor the movements once you have installed the tracker in the car. Click to know more about the Finder portal

Install and forget it.
We will take care

Set your own rules of safety with the Finder portal after installing the tracking device in your car. You’ll receive a notification as soon as any of your alerts are getting triggered. Absolute peace of mind – Thanks to global coverage and powerful software


The cost involved to activate GPS tracking on your car is the cost of the device and cost of the preferred subscription model. Check out our subscription plans for more details

Absolutely. Our tracker devices are suitable for fleet tracking. You can add as much tracker devices to your Finder portal account as you want. This will help you to track all the vehicles on a fleet using a single Finder portal account on your phone.

Our devices are fully capable of providing GPS tracking solutions to business. We have various tracking dash boards that can help you discover more about the statistics of your vehicle. All the tracking information will be stored for 365 days

You have to purchase a GPS Tracker for each vehicle. You can easily add new devices to your account. you can to track by using a single portal account or you can choose to have different account for each tracker device as well. We will help you set it up as you wish

No. You need to have separate subscriptions for each tracking device. Because, each device sends data to the servers using the help of a sim card installed in it. So each sim card needs to have a subscription of their own.

We have coverage in over 100 countries

Yes. You can cancel it anytime and even pause it.

No. The costs will always stay the same. Even when the tracking device is used abroad


Instant notification incase of emergency

  • Customized alerts 
  • Notification via E-Mail and Push messages
  • live location on your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC

Always know where your car is

  • LIVE-Tracking and route history for 365 days
  • Service available in over 100 countries
  • App for Smartphone, Tablet, or PC

Analyze traveled route with Custom dashboards

  • 365 day travel track saving
  • Speed profile and alarm for over speed
  • Traveled miles and analytics

Respond quickly in an emergency

  • Easily share your location
  • Live broadcasting of the location
  • Dedicated SOS switch for emergency

4G tracker for cars with innovative technology!

VEHICLE Finder 4G 1.0 old GPS Tracker PAJ GPS
VEHICLE Finder 1.0 4G
  • Connection to car battery (8-32 V)
  • Up to 12 hours internal battery when power is removed
  • Power failure alarm
  • Waterproof according to IP67
OBD GPS tracker
CAR OBD Finder 4G
  • Direct connection to OBD interface
  • Up to 12 hours internal battery when power is removed
  • Power failure alarm
  • Ignition alarm when starting or stopping the engine
Titelbild CAR OBD Finder 4G 2
CAR OBD Finder 4G 2.0
  • Connection via OBD 2 interface
  • Up to 12 hours internal battery when power is removed
  • Power failure alarm
  • Small and unobtrusive
GPS power finder 4G
POWER Finder 4G
  • Up to 90 days of  battery life in standby mode
  • Alarm message as soon as the tracker is lifted
  • Splashproof

2G GPS tracking for cars

GPS Tracker and Finder Portal Application from PAJ GPS International
POWER Finder
  • Approx. 40 days of battery life
  • Alert when removed
  • Strong magnets for attachment to metallic surfaces
professional finder from paj gps
€ 74.99
  • Direct connection to car battery
  • Power failure alarm
  • External antenna for excellent reception
OBD GPS tracker
CAR Finder 2.0
  • Direct connection to OBD interface
  • power failure alarm
  • Ignition alarm when starting or stopping the engine


Owning a car for yourself comes with the responsibility of protecting it from the perpetrator. A recent study from Statista says there is an increase in car theft each year.

So extra protection for your dream car is necessary. GPS tracker for cars from PAJ is your only reliable solution for car protection. It is the most powerful Tracker for car that helps you to fight against intruders.

Know more about the checklist and purchase guide for buying a tracker device here

With the magnetic mount, you can easily hide the car tracker inside your car.

Option for connecting to the car battery or using an independent battery.

Dedicated SOS button for emergency situation

Fully Assembled product and Easy Assembly

The perfect
GPS tracker for cars

The most reliable device for keep track of Car’s journey in the industry. Our unique features and functionalities in PAJ FINDER app is a relief for car owners across the globe


Your car is one of the prized possession of yours. It holds memories that you cherish often. For car enthusiasts, it is their most valuable asset. Because of this personal connection and the effort you put towards possessing your car, it is important to consider protecting it using the latest technology. GPS tracker for cars is the utmost security you can provide to your vehicle.  You can relax and be focused on your business while your car tracker take care of the security by providing instant messages about the location and constrains you set forth for the vehicle. Read more about how vehicle Tracker benefits your business.

There are so many reason for owning such devices. Infact lots of reason have been on the surface so far from the car owner itself. You might also running into some reason for now as a car owner. Here we are only focusing few of the prominent reason for buy a vehicle tracker.  


1.Theft Protection

When it comes to theft, time to respond holds an important role. The longer you take to respond, the further the intruder getaway.

Such a situation only be addressed by a robust devices for trace the movement like PAJ car tracker device. It has the most advanced features that help to identify the theft at an early stage. Thanks to the Vibration and Ignition alarm.

2.Track Your Car in Abroad

Our M2M Sim card enables you to track your car in a foreign land without any additional cost. Also finding the routes was never been easy in a foreign land with PAJ GPS Tracker for Cars.

3.Protect Your Valuables Inside the Car

Some of us consider our car as a safe place to store our valuable possessions when leaving for a short trip. With the Vibration alarm on PAJ GPS Tracker for car, you can protect your possession while you are on a holiday trip

4.Unknown Regions

Have you found a faster route to your location, but can not remember it? Our tracker for Car can hold the routes for 365 days so that you can discover that shortcut again from the FINDER portal.

5.Radius and Speed Alarm

You can set the radius in which your car is allowed to travel. The PAJ FINDER portal will notify you whenever the car left the marked area. Also, you can easily identify unauthorized speeding of your vehicle with the speeding alarm and there by protecting your assets

6.Manage the Emergency Situation Intelligently

Handling the panic situation was never been easier with the SOS functionality of our car tracker. Using the SOS button on the device you can notify the Police and ambulance about your location Instantaneously.

Track a vehicle beyond

Our tracking system is so powerful that enables you to track a vehicle beyond the borders. Check out places you can put the car tracker inside your car for safety

Frequently Asked Questions About
Vehicle Trackers


Whether you are at home, office or on avacation to different country our vehicle tracker can locate your car through the PAJ FINDER app which is available on android and ios. We have service over 100 countries and our M2M sim is operable at all locations and all networks.


Yes. Our FINDER APP can incorporate as many tracking devices on vehicle all at one place. When you login to the portal you can see the comprehensive view of all your vehicles. It also provide the data analysis like distance travelled, average speed, stops during the journey and so on. 

Please book a appointment with our representative to know more about the product


This is subjected to the laws governeing the region. As a general rule of thumb you can not track an individual without their consent. All most all countries prohibit the use of a tracker device on persons.

Although there is provision for tracking the employees on feild with the written confirmation from them and it is allowed only in the office time.
As a employer it is the duty of the business owner to respect the privacy of their employee 


Yes. inorder to communicate and track a vehicle, you have to purchase the subscription. The only communication channel for a moving asset is the wireless network. We are charging a small amount for your device to work seamlessly in all regions. This amount is fixed irrespective of the country you are in.