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Why you need a Trailer Tracker

a white trailer tracked by trailer tracker

Living in moving homes is not a new trend for Americans, there are estimated to be 20 million Americans who live in mobile homes. This lifestyle has become increasingly popular in the country due to its affordability and flexibility. They also provide a sense of freedom to many. The US has a high demand for trailers both new and used. This demand also caught the eye of thieves for widespread caravan theft in the US. On March 18, 2024, it was reported that enforcers had arrested a man suspected of selling stolen utility trailers on social media. Police with the investigation have found him in at least 17 other similar thefts of trailers. After this news was reported the sheriff’s office received nearly 50 calls from other possible trailer thefts. These incidents prove that if you have trailers, then it’s time to amp up its safety. Your Trailer needs protection and a GPS trailer tracker is one of the excellent choices for trailer protection.

How to Prevent Trailer Theft

As stated earlier, trailer theft is increasing. There are certain things you can do to improve the safety of your trailers. These include selecting the location and adding the security features. Using the registered camping spots is always safe instead of parking in an unmonitored area. You should also be aware of trailer safety while parked in your garage. An alarm system that detects and informs the owner about illegal movements is a great addition to camper safety. 

GPS Tracker for Trailers

The importance of having a good GPS tracker is indispensable. The tracking system provides Real-Time location tracking along with a lot of important alerts that help us fight against trailer theft. Even if it is parked or while running, using your mobile phone you can always track vehicle movement in real-time.

PAJ GPS has trailer trackers designed for camper safety in all scenarios. The alerts such as geofencing alerts, speed alerts, and vibration alerts can provide proactive security to one’s caravan. Considering the theft cases in the US, it is important to have your caravan equipped with a smart trailer-tracking solution to enjoy your holidays in peace.