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Tracking capabilities of GPS Trackers

tracking capabilities

The main objective of a GPS tracker is to monitor and manage various aspects of our lives, including personal items, vehicles, pets, and even people. For years, PAJ GPS has been helping improve the lives of people with its various tracking capabilities, advanced features, and unparalleled benefits. Advanced features include 24*7 location tracking, improved accuracy in location tracking, and coverage over 100 countries with 4G technology. 

PAJ provides various tailor-made GPS Trackers with 4G Technology that suit your specific needs, whether for monitoring fleets, people, or animals. so that your connection never gets  lost.   

Another important point I should mention is that these products have battery efficiency and do not require frequent charging. PAJ Trackers have a solid battery standby for 40 to 90 days depending on the tracker.

Geo-Fencing and Real-Time Tracking 

The tracking capabilities of PAJ GPS trackers allow users to set up geo-fences—virtual boundaries for a specific geographical area. Fleet managers of car owners can monitor their vehicle movements with real-time tracking. A trigger alert can also be set such that  when a tracker enters or exits the defined zone, it adds an extra layer of security.

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Historical Route Data

Having a 365-day tracking history for both businesses and individuals is essential. PAJ GPS trackers store detailed information about the routes taken, aiding in optimizing travel plans and ensuring accountability.

User-Friendly Interface and App Compatibility 

A user-friendly interface with an intuitive design makes these trackers accessible to both tech-savvy and less familiar users. These trackers work well with mobile and desktop applications. 

 Durability and reliability

Built to withstand tough conditions, PAJ GPS trackers come with IP67, the highest rating in protection: dust tight and protected against immersion. Whether facing extreme weather or rough handling, these trackers continue to perform optimally.

Applications of PAJ GPS Trackers

Fleet Management and Monitoring

Businesses can easily manage and optimize routes and monitor driver behavior so that efficient fleet management is possible with PAJ GPS trackers 

 Personal Tracking

Individuals or their parents can benefit from PAJ GPS trackers for personal use. Whether keeping track of a valuable item or ensuring the safety of children. 

Asset Tracking

Protection from theft and misuse of assets can be stopped with PAJ GPS trackers because they help safeguard them. With real-time tracking and geo-fencing, businesses can easily protect their assets from theft or misuse. .


You should be aware of your specific tracking needs. Whether for business or personal use, understanding your requirements ensures that you choose the right device. Therefore, before investing in a GPS Tracker, be aware of your needs.