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Mastering Trailer Safety

trailer safety tips

Are you planning to have a holiday driving through serene countrysides and camp on beautiful mountains?Is your trailer ready for an unforgettable experience?Using trailers as a moving home is on everyone’s bucket list, but still, people don’t take necessary steps to ride that dream due to the poor security of these vehicles and as they are a sweet spot for thieves.  But we can help you with them to minimise the risks, especially with regard to anti-theft protection in caravans and trailers.

Why anti-theft protection is necessary in caravans

When we make our trailer our travelling home, we invest a lot. We spent a lot of money setting up the trailer like a mini home. There will be a lot of luggage, valuable electronic devices, appliances, etc.

Can you imagine returning to the campsite where you parked the caravan and finding that your belongings are stolen or completely destroyed? It can happen, but it is possible to avoid it.

We give you four tips for anti-theft protection in trailers and caravan

Trailer safety tips to avoid theft

  1. Go unnoticed

The best protection is to go unnoticed so as not to arouse the interest of thieves.

If we have to carry valuable objects, let’s keep them only the essential ones and try to hide them well when we are not there.

For this same reason, it is also advisable to park in areas authorised for this: they have surveillance, and you will be one more among all similar vehicles. 

2.Identify weak points

Check your caravan for unsafe places. Windows, hatches and even doors are often  opened quickly with a little force.

To reinforce security, you can put metal fixings, grab bars or tighten the doors with tension straps. Never put valuable items near window areas. Keep it down, so even if some thieves notice your vehicle, they won’t see valuable items and try not break in. 

3. Take out specific insurance

Taking insurance for your vehicle is the most crucial part in enhancing security. Having good insurance will give you peace of mind. Remember  that trailer may be your new home, but it’s a motor vehicle, so motor vehicle insurance should be there. 

4. Equip it with anti-theft technology

To protect your caravan even better against theft, you can purchase one of our GPS trackers for Trailer.

This device alerts you about movements in the vehicle with the help of practical alarm functions such as vibration alarm. Thanks to this GPS, in the event of theft in the caravan, you can intervene quickly to prevent further damage.

It also has additional options to protect the caravan from theft or to allow its recovery in an emergency through the connected app. You can locate the caravan in real time and follow the distance travelled. Our device helps you to do so in 100 countries at no additional cost.

Things to look for or buy before starting your journey

1.Before starting your journey, purchase theft deterrent decals and stickers. Warning that the trailer has security devices installed can scare off potential thieves.

2. Use a wheel clamp or hitch lock when the trailer is not in use. It prevents the trailer from being hitched up and towed away. Choose good quality locks that are hardened and difficult to cut through. Use a wheel boot that clamps on the wheel and prevents rolling.

Get a good quality coupler lock for the hitch. It prevents the trailer from being attached to a vehicle. Choose one that completely covers and secures the mechanism.

3. Register and licence the trailer properly. Having traceable registration details can aid police in recovering stolen trailers.

Photograph the VIN number, licence plate, markings, and unique features. Maintain these records in case your trailer gets stolen.
Follow these trailer safety tips for your caravans and trailers for a smooth and happy-go-lucky journey. Now most difficult thing remains: thinking about the destination!