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How GPS Trackers Can Lower Your Vehicle Premiums in the USA

Lower Your Vehicle Premiums In USA

A large sum of money goes to insurance premiums every year, and it feels like a financial burden for everyone with many commercial fleets. Insurance companies before providing insurance to your vehicle take various considerations, i.e., risk factors, before fixing an amount for you to pay; this includes risks such as accidents, theft, and other costly things that can increase your premium amount shoot up.

However, GPS Tracker technology has opened doors to innovative solutions that can help you save money while providing additional safety for your vehicle. In the USA, insurance companies such as Progressive offer a good discount if your vehicle has a GPS tracker. Now let us dove deep into how to lower your vehicle premiums in the USA using GPS Trackers.

Relationship between Trackers and Insurance Premiums

Lately, it has been seen that insurance companies religiously look into telematic data provided by car trackers to assess the risk profile of their policyholders. These data include sharp acceleration or braking, vehicle faults, etc. Based on these data, insurers can tailor policies and offer discounts to safe and low-risk drivers.

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Lower Your Vehicle Premiums in the United States with GPS Trackers

Usually, insurance companies check different factors before fixing the coverage amount and premium every year. Some of these factors include your age and health, driving history, location, vehicle model, and safety ratings before deciding on the amount of coverage and premium. GPS Trackers will increase the safety rating of the vehicle. “For example, if your fleet gets stolen, insurance companies have to pay a large amount, but with GPS Trackers, stolen vehicles can be easily found“. so it benefits insurance companies a lot. This is the main reason why several insurers offer great deals and discounts.

GPS trackers can increase vehicle life by providing accurate diagnostics on the current condition of the vehicle, its mileage, oil changes, etc. allowing owners to correct maintenance at the right time, thereby increasing safety, which means fewer claims reach insurance companies.

Insurance Companies and Why You Should Install Trackers

In the US, insurance providers such as Progressive, National General, and Esurance offer discounts based on GPS tracking. Regarding monetary loss, yes, insurance companies help, but what about the safety of your loved ones? GPS trackers can help make them safe and sound.

Installing a GPS Tracker will help you get updates on your loved ones’ journey, so you need not worry.

Privacy and Data Concerns

Therefore, they may have concerns about privacy and data security. However, reputable tracker manufacturers, such as PAJ GPS, have strict privacy policies in place to protect your information. Be sure to review these policies before choosing a tracker.


1. Are the trackers compatible with all vehicle models?

Vehicle trackers come in various models, so you have to buy one that is compatible with your specific vehicle.

2. Can I remove or disable a car tracker if I no longer want to use it?

Yes, you can typically have a car tracker removed if you decide that you no longer want to use it. However, having a GPS tracker intact in the vehicle will provide more safety to your loved ones and vehicle.

3. Will my insurance company have access to my location at all times with a car tracker?

No, they do not have constant access to your location.​​​​​​​ Insurance companies typically access car tracker data to assess claims or determine policy discounts.