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How to effectively prevent motorcycle theft effortlessly?

a black motorcycle with PAJ GPS that is preventing motorcycle theft

Technology has been developing day-by-day and different types of technologies have been developed to make human life easier. Technology provides a great deal of convenience in human life activities. Security systems are an ideal example of that. In this article, I am trying to explain how PAJ GPS is helping you to secure your assets, especially motorcycles and how to prevent motorcycle theft effortlessly.

Buying and owning a vehicle gives you moving freedom, comfort and accessibility to anyplace whenever you want. It is also an asset like a house or a property, which always offers a decent resale value. So any activity or situation threatens to take away those feelings, you will be worried and bound to become more proactive to protect your asset. One such unfortunate event is vehicle theft.

Motorcycles, parked in a park or on the street etc always leaves a high risk of being stolen. As technology developed over these years, stealing styles has also been updated and the ways to prevent that became more difficult. 

 In this article, we are talking about motorcycle theft and the practical ways to prevent it effectively. Motorcycle theft, especially racing motorcycles in the UK is at an all-time high and more than a hundred cases are getting reported per day, which means around 40, 000 motorcycles in a year.  

Due to such stunning statistics, the authorities have started taking notice and have come up with more stringent ways of curbing this issue. However, while the forces get to work, you can, at your level, contribute immensely on preventing motorcycle theft . Here’s how.

Preventing motorcycle theft?

There are certain general measures that you can take to prevent your bike from theft. Parking is at a safe spot, ensuring proper locks have been applied, keeping a close watch on your bike, etc. But above all, the most effective and effortless way to prevent motorcycle theft is investing in a GPS tracker like PAJ GPS Vehicle 2.0.

PAJ GPS Vehicle 2.0 for bikes ensures complete protection of your bike, irrespective of wherever you and your motorcycle are. With this, you can be tension free and will get a clear idea of its present situation. You will get instantly notified of any motion taken for your motorcycle without your presence or consent thereby preventing motorcycle theft

Now we tell you all the advantages of installing a PAJ GPS device on your bike.

Monitor 24×7

The most important advantage of the GPS tracker is continuous surveillance. Whether you are at home, or work, or any other place, and are worried about the security of your bike, you can simply look up the current position of your bike. A PAJ GPS device uses coordinates to map out the position of the vehicle, and it ensures that this takes place accurately.

Alarm Notifications

By installing a PAJ GPS device, you are also adding a few extra security features as you will be able to easily activate a series of alarms including radius alarm, low battery alarm, speed limit alarm ignition alarm etc.


You don’t need to stand guard beside your bike for the entire day just to ensure it does not get stolen. A mobile application can do it for you. Generally, with a GPS device for bikes, an entire monitoring system entails, which you can access either on your phone or on your desktop. Along with that, our product gives the facility of geofencing in their applications. Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual perimeter, that alerts are being to you when your vehicle enters or exits the predefined area.

This makes theft prevention an easy and hassle-free process, since everything is virtually automated, and at the same time you can guard your motorcycle, without standing next to it or keeping an eye on it always. The applications that come with bike trackers also give you a host of other benefits, such as performance reports, fuel reports, route optimization etc along with many more features. So when you decide to proactively safeguard your bike, do ensure that you begin by installing a PAJ GPS device!

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