GPS Tracker SIM Card by PAJ


Would you like to know whether your FINDER with the integrated M2M card also receives reception in your destination? Below you will find all countries where the SIM card has reception. A detailed list of which providers are used can be found below the world map.

2G+ 4G Placeholder
2G+ 4G






1. egypt❌✅
2. albania✅✅
3. algeria❌✅
4. anguilla❌✅
5. Antigua and Barbuda❌✅
6. equatorial Guinea❌✅
7. Argentina❌✅
8. armenia❌✅
9. azerbaijan❌✅
10. australia❌✅
11. Barbados❌✅
12. Belgium✅✅
13. bosnia and herzegovina✅✅
14. British Virgin Islands❌✅
15 Bulgaria✅✅
16. chile❌✅
17. china❌✅
18. Denmark✅✅
19. Germany✅