How to prepare for a long road trip in your car

Life is a journey, not a destination” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Travel is the best way to broaden our horizons. For some, it’s more than a mere trip between destinations but a spiritual awakening that refreshes your body and soul. Whether travelling alone or with your close ones, a long road trip can be a […]

People with dementia in the UK are to be offered GPS trackers

People with dementia in the UK are to be offered GPS trackers It has been in the news lately about the vulnerabilities and difficulties faced by our elderly community and individuals suffering from dementia. This is a growing concern in the modern world as families are shrinking and taking care of our elderly is getting […]

GPS trackers for rental cars

gps tracker for car rental business

GPS Trackers are highly efficient in tracking the location and generating route maps for vehicles. They rely on GPS technology which pinpoints the accurate location using signals from the GPS satellites orbiting the earth. With signals from at least 4 satellites, a GPS Tracker can measure its location and transmit that data to you. However, […]

GPS Tracking and travel history!

travel history using gps tracker

In the long run, the world has become more affordable to the layman that technology that was once beyond the wildest dreams has come ready on the fingertips. Nowadays, People are becoming more conscious of just about everything around them as technology advances, whether it’s their family or their possessions.  Learning where their kids spent […]

Thefts of excavators are increasing

Steal an excavator? Impossible. But these incidents are increasing noticeably, so construction sites are sometimes lame for days and often the construction companies remain sitting on the high damage, which quickly amount to horrendous amounts. According to statistics , construction site thefts have risen to around 24,000 lately, including stolen components and special tools, as well as the disappearance of […]