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How GPS Tracker works in Mobile

GPS tracker on phone

The GPS system is used in so many applications area. Nowadays the daily activities are tied up with the GPS navigation. One way or other we are taking advantage of the GPS systems to complete our daily task. This technology is free of cost as the GPS satellites are owned by the governments. GPS tracker on the other hand has a set of specific requirements than the navigation.

Can mobile phone used as a tracker?

Yes. It is possible to convert the smart phone into a GPS Tracker. However, there are some drawbacks in this tracking method. The tracking will be shut down instantly when either of the mobile phones are switched off. The whole idea of tracking is to always know the location of the host. This process shouldn’t be interfered with any external factors. The Mobile to mobile tracking is the most unsecured and most unreliable method of tracking. It is not recommended in serious situations. Also tracking using mobile apps is a felony without proper consent, .

How GPS tracker works in mobile?

A GPS tracking device is necessary to track any object. It is well built to withstand any hard climate and it works perfectly in weak network coverage. The GPS receiver, sim card and battery are the main components of the GPS tracker. There is a dedicated mobile application for monitoring the tracker device. The tracker can be connected to the mobile app by scanning the QR code provided. The mobile application can control all the configurations and alerts in a GPS tracker. A tracker application from a trusted GPS tracker manufacturer can prevent security threats.  Some of the functions of mobile application for GPS trackers arebelow:

live Tracking: The tracker devices have dedicated live tracking capability and a custom-built maps for easy loading. the google maps will take sometime to load when the connection is slow. 

Precise Alarms: The tracker devices have alarm feature that send alarms instantly. It will be precise in terms of time and location. This will help to respond quickly to the adverse situation.

Data security: It is referring to the protocols set forth by the data and privacy. The security of the data increase with reliable servers and implementation of right development platform. The securtiy of data is imporatnt because of the increase in current cyber attacks.

Travel History: Unlike tracking using mobile apps, the GPS tracker provide 365 days travel history. Using the travel history one can review the previously travelled routes.

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