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GPS Trackers or Apple Air Tag?

man confused about buying a gps tracker or apple air tag

Apple introduced their Air tags as a great tool to find lost things in your daily life. There is a growing misconception that air tags can be used as a GPS tracking device. It is because of how the product has been introduced into the market in a way that people think that it can be used as a GPS tracker. You will definitely set them to track the right stuff that once you understand how the Air tags work. Unlike tracker devices AirTag comes with advertisements like no monthly recharge or network problem to get the attention of the people.

AirTag depends on the Bluetooth connectivity of the tracker and the iPhone. Using the iPhone, you can track the AirTag in the “Find my Device” Section. The connectivity of the AirTag with the phone is also simple. However, like any other Apple products, AirTags are only compatible with Apple devices. AirTags also claims to track things beyond the reach of the Bluetooth connectivity by using the other Apple products nearby. So if you’re thinking of an ideal situation where you can track everything with AirTags, it’s when all the people start using apple products. Sadly, that’s not the world we live in. 

When it comes to GPS tracker for car, AirTags are not compatible at all. Tracking a car is entirely different from tracking lost things around your house or neighborhood. Car moves fast and keeps on moving but your AirTags will take a considerable amount of time to update the location. Even if we’re assuming that every device along the way are Apple products it still take time to track the car. Meanwhile, a GPS tracking device would uninterruptedly provide live tracking experience in all geographical locations. Also, it is not bound to any other devices, networks, or regions. It works universally and in a much faster way than AirTags. Of course, AirTags are cheaper than GPS trackers, but they cannot be deployed as a tracking device for valuable assets like cars.

Evidently, AirTags are not supported in live tracking when the object is in motion. It gives you the last location where it is able to find the object with the help of nearby Apple devices. you will certainly lose contact with your car if there are no  Apple devices nearby to the AirTags. Apple AirTags are great for indoor areas. It will be at your service when you lose something in the house. AirTags can never replace a GPS tracking device for your cars. However, they are not designed for such a tracking experience. The GPS tracking for cars is responsible for tracking the car throughout the world in real-time. For such a great level of tracking, you need to have powerful GPS tracking units.

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