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Car theft is on the rise all around the world. Not just the car but the car parts is also within the radar of thieves. it is high time to invest in car security accessories even though the car manufactures provide certain level of security. This doesn’t mean running after every security item available on market but a certain combination of 2 or 3 such items will enhance the security level.  Here we are trying to unveil possible car security accessories that help to protect your car

Why invest in car security

As stated earlier the important factor for investing in car security is the increase in car theft over the past years. According to statista after 2013-14 there has been a steady increase in car theft in England and Wales. Combining the data from other cities as well this will sum up to a significant number to consider.

One might think why extra security accessories when the manufacturer provides it already. The inbuilt security system is vulnerable that it barely holds the intruder away. This is because the manufacturer’s security diagram is on the intruders table for quite some time. The keyless car theft is common because of this reason.

Another interesting reason involves numbers. The second-hand car and parts sales are hot in the market now. There are continues demand for parts of passenger cars throughout UK. A report from smmt states that second hand car economy is much bigger than new car sales. This justifies the reason for higher car theft cases too.

Popular Car security accessories

There are so many accessories that help to increase the car security. From traditional locking system to software supported high end equipment’s help to secure your car. We are listing them with price range for each item. Also, we are recommending few combinations of these accessories that you can choose for your car security.

Steering Lock

Price Range from £60 to £120

Steering wheel locks are of different types and the locking system changes from type to type. The manufacturing material of these locks plays an important role in the quality. lock made from hardened steel would be a good pick in this category of products. Stoplock pro is good choice for steering locks. it costs around £60. The installation is easy. You can check the Youtue video presentation here

Anti-Theft Car Key Signal Blocker

Price Range from £5 to £100

Now one would think why I need to protect my remote keys in a special pouch. What could possibly go wrong with out this small fancy pouch. If this is your thoughts, then you are never familiar with signal relay attack

The keyless entry into a car is made possible by using certain frequency electromagnetic waves that goes back and forth to the car and the remote key fob. What the intruder will do is capture these electromagnetic signals from your key fob, amplify it and then retransmit it to the car when you are not around the vehicle. Naturally the vehicle system will identify this signal just the way it does when it is coming from the remote key. The thief can get away with your car in no time.

So remote key fob should be protected in a special pouch called faraday pouches. These pouches block any incoming and outgoing signals from the key fob when you are not using it. These pouches are so cheap, and this is a must thing of you are fan of key less entry and keyless ignition.

GPS Car tracker

Price Range from £30 to £200

Trackers bring whole another level of security to the cars. Don’t be confused with GPS Navigation system. The GPS Tracker comes with a mobile/ desktop application. Once the tracker is installed on the vehicle you can monitor the car movement live on your screen. Also, there is advanced features such as Geo fencing, speed alert, and vibrational alarm. Now for the cost part, it usually ranges from £50 to £200 with additional monthly/ yearly subscription fee.

Wheel Clamp

Price Range from £40 to £150

Like the steering locks, the wheel clamp is a traditional lock system in place. The cost ranges from £25 to £100 based on the material and additional features such as inside rubber coating etc. When investing in wheel clamp choose products that have inner rubber coating because the alloys will not get scratched. Also, for the long run and effectiveness choose clamps that cover the wheel nuts.

The EEE standard for choosing car security accessories

The triple E standard or EEE standard stands for “Effective, “Enduring” and “Easy to handle”. The “Effective” in triple E standard denote that the product is fully capable of keeping the intruder away in all possible scenarios. The design and the structure of the device is vital for effective security purposes. Enduring stands for the long-lasting usability of the device. The last E in this stand for easy to handle. The user can easily install and remove the locking system and it should not interfer with any of the remaining security systems in place. Also it should tamper the car performance or cause damage to other parts of the car.

Now that we have gone through some of the car security accessories one might think which among these should I choose, or do I need all of them?  For convenience we have created different group of products that is suitable for various scenarios.

Useful combination of car security accessories

Category 1

CCTV on driveway, Wheel Clamp, Car tracker, Faraday Pouch (Average cost: £1220)

Category 1 is when you moved into a new neighbourhood, and you don’t know much about this place. Or you just visiting for few months. This is somewhat the topmost security you can have for your car. This combination is also suitable if you are a frequent traveller and leave the car in your garage

Category 2 (Economy)

Steering wheel clamp, car tracker, faraday pouch (Average cost: £215)

Category 2 – Economy providing medium range protection. Let’s just say you been living this place for quite long and cops are in patrol. Also, you are using your car frequently and have people to look after it even if you are not around for some time.

Category 2(Deluxe)

CCTV, Steering wheel clamp, car tracker, faraday pouch (Average cost £1215)

Category 2 – Deluxe has a CCTV in it which will enhance the security level.

Category 3

Faraday pouch, car tracker (Average cost: £125)

Category 3 is applied for people living in gated community. Gated community provides a certain level protection that it will have CCTV surveillance and dedicated security guards. So, the possible threat will be when the car is outside the community compound. Since this will be a short visit the best security option is car tracker and faraday pouch.

These are all our personal recommendation, and you are welcome to alter as per your budget and idea

Additional tips for preventing car Theft

Other than using the security accessories we could try to avoid being in the victim’s chair. We are sharing few more tips on car security that you can practice.

Avoid roaming into unknown areas

Roaming around in unknown areas will attract attention that you do not seek. If you feel like driving little bit longer take a neighbourhood that you know or is secure. The problem with roaming unknown areas is that one could tag you along. They may create a fake accident scene for you to stop the vehicle to snatch it from you.

Keep the insurance documents updated and duly paid

Car insurance is a tricky thing to handle. You need to be careful with the terms and condition that insurance company set before you. Some insurers don’t allow modification in certain parts of the car for safety reason. Also, insurance payment should be on time before the validity date. By doing this you are preparing yourself to the uncertainty lying ahead of you as a car owner.

Check your vehicle condition periodically

This is something that will help you in many ways. You can avoid unexpected breakdown in the middle of nowhere. A good service history is always a plus point for resale value appreciation. If you could do this in an authorized service centre, that chance of parts being swapped with duplicate items will be less. Most importantly any security issues in your car will be identified and solved with these regular check-ups.


Protecting the car, you love is not a big task and you can do it by spending extra few 100 pounds. All the accessories mentioned here have their own part to play in car security. Although a combination of these equipment will create a formidable protection for sure.

Car security Guide - From right products to right combination
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Car security Guide - From right products to right combination
Car theft is on the rise all around the world. Not just the car but the car parts is also within the radar of thieves. it is high time to invest in car security accessories even though the car manufactures provide certain level of security. This doesn’t mean running after every security item available on market but a certain combination of 2 or 3 such items will enhance the security level.
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