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Unlike many other products, purchasing a security device such as a GPS tracker devices is quite complicated. Security devices must be very functional and should have high performance. They should not fail during their service period. So selecting a tracker for car includes in-depth knowledge of available trackers at the market. This research content is for helping you to know all about GPS tracker in the market based on the set of parameters set forth by us. We will explain those parameters in later sections.

Why a Tracker for Car?

A GPS Tracker is the most cost-effective solution for securing your car and important things. It is easy to handle and implement in your daily life without any assistance. Yet it is small and cost-effective compared to other security devices, it is highly reliable in an emergency situation. The functions of a Tracker for car enable it to use in a variety of situations in our day-to-day life.

As we have seen in many crime scenes, the thieves can tamper with the security systems like locks, and security cameras while executing the crime. Because the Trackers are small in size and hard to detect the location, the intruders won’t be able to deactivate them. There are secure positions in the car to put GPS tracker for effective functioning.

The criteria for rating best GPS Trackers

We have chosen a set of criteria for selecting the best Tracker for Car. It includes the basic functions of the tracker devices that help us to overcome any emergency situation with confidence. We have analyzed so many possible scenarios in life. And from that insight, we have listed out 10 important features of GPS Trackers that will be the ideal features for it to perform effectively. Those are as follows


A tracker device should be the best connectivity in all weather conditions. Without connectivity, the whole system fails to function as a tracker device. All the features of a tracker device depend on the connectivity. Nowadays M2M sim cards are used in GPS tracker to ensure connectivity across the globe. So it is important to have a connectivity solution to the trackers

Mobile Application

Mobile applications s part of the convenience and fast response. Not all of us would have the access to computers at all times. So having a mobile application is crucial. Alerts and live tracking will only work properly with the use of a mobile application.  There are so many benefits of having a GPS Tracker with mobile application which includes live tracking and sharing of the location. Receiving alerts, Device configuration, etc

User experience in App

Having a mobile application is not enough for the best tracking experience. The app must be lightweight, super easy to use, fast-loading, and works well with all devices. It is also highly important that the app must be super-efficient as that of the connectivity. Imagine an emergency situation where connectivity is good but the app took a fair amount of time to respond to user queries. It will be a disaster and grave service inefficiency from the provider. So use experience include a lot of sub-items like loading time, app layout and easiness to use, and size, etc. 

Battery Life

There are two types of trackers available to purchase one with battery inbuilt and work independently from the host and the other is deriving power from the host. In the case of the first one, the functionality of the tracker for car will be available until the battery runs off. At least a battery life of 10 days is recommended because changing the battery often would be noticeable to thieves and it is not so convenient to the owner. A 10 days battery life is ideal battery life compared to the size of the device and the battery it can hold


Notification should be prompt, instantaneous, and relevant to the device configuration. Unwanted location updates and other notifications will distract the user. The customer intends to receive notifications relevant and actionable. In that way, the customer will value the service of the device and he will be happy about the purchase.

GEO Fencing

This is a must-have function in GPS Tracker. The purpose of this feature is to inform the owner of the car/object has left the specific area previously set by the owner itself. The technical term refers to it as GEO fencing. It is the go-to option for so many owners for protecting the valuables while they are away from the town. A notification or SOS message will be sent to the owner in case of a breach in this geo-fencing area. We can also set it to inform the police department about geo fencing alarms.  

Speeding Alarm

This functionality is exclusively for car owners. Definitely, speeding will result in accidents and unwanted wear and tear in the vehicle. To avoid such losses the owner or the concerned parties will be informed instantly if the vehicle has crossed a certain speed limit set forth by the owner. A tracker for car is the only solution for detecting such activities even from 100 miles away. By this alert, the owner can prevent the accident and damages afterward.

Vibrational Alarm

This feature is not a common feature. Many suppliers have different substitutes for this alarm. But to our experience vibrational alarm is more useful than any other feature as it will detect the false intention at the very early stage. Imagine you can detect the intrusion even the moment a thief tries to open the door of your car.

Business dashboard

A business dashboard is helpful for personal running businesses involving multiple vehicles. The major benefit of having a compact dashboard is to do the analytics of the travel history. Many businesses rely upon vehicle transport. For example in a parcel delivery network, the successful business would require on-time delivery of the parcels. The entire operation depends on the performance of the driver on the road. GPS Tracker plays an important role in fleet tracking the behavior of drivers on-road and it will help to increase the business revenue.

Aesthetic and built quality

It is the least significant item on this list but a well-designed and well-built product has its fair share in securing the asset. Good Built quality help the device to survive harsh condition and perform its duty. The tracker for Car is often used for personal protection in which pressing the SOS button will alert the authority about the location. The authorities will receive the location information instantly. So in this scenario, a well-built and aesthetically superior GPS tracker is a good choice.


Basically, the intention is to familiarize the customers with the key points while purchasing the GPS tracker products. As we have already discussed, The tracker for car is the smallest and cost-effective product that you can rely upon in an emergency situation. It has so many uses depending upon the situation and as always these devices should be used responsibly in society. Using a GPS tracker for gaining access to other’s life without them knowing is a punishable offense.

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