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Discover the latest GPS tracker technology to protect your vehicle and have total control over its location and security.

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What can you do with the PAJ GPS  tracker for Van ?

GPS Tracker for Sprinter- Live-tracking

Live tracking

Know the real-time location and share it with the police.

GPS Tracker for Sprinter-Route tracking

Route history

Review the distance and routes traveled in the last 365 days.

GPS Tracker for Sprinter-Radius Alarm

Virtual fence

Define a specific area, and we will let you know if it moves from location.

GPS Tracker for Sprinter- Alarms


Configure all available GPS tracker alarms in one step

Ensure the safety of your van with a tracker device

Much more than just a van anti-theft device

Vans are an integral component of any state’s economy, functioning as the backbone of logistics for a wide array of businesses. From local deliveries to nationwide distribution, these versatile vehicles serve as the linchpin connecting producers to consumers.

Their agility and adaptability make them indispensable for transporting goods of all sizes, ensuring that products reach their destinations efficiently. However, with their increasing importance comes the vital need to prioritize the security of both the van and its driver. In this context, the innovative Van trackers offered by PAJ emerge as an ideal solution.

These trackers provide real-time monitoring, precise location tracking, and even geo-fencing capabilities, enhancing security and enabling rapid response in case of theft or emergencies. In this symbiotic relationship between vans and the economy, the integration of advanced tracking technology ensures not only the seamless flow of goods but also the safety of the driving force behind it all.

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The Ideal GPS Trackers for Vans


NEW GPS tracker for vans with Innovative 4G Technology!


location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Cars, motorhomes, boats, scooters, motorcycles, beekeeping, horseback riding, containers, wood, garden tools, and luggage.
battery black icon Battery: Up to 90 days on standby.
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.


location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, boats.
battery black icon Battery: Operates with a car battery (9-75 V).
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.


location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Cars, vans, delivery services.
battery black icon Battery: Connection through OBD 2 interface.
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.


location with PAJ GPS Icon Uses and Applications: Cars, trucks, motorhomes, vans, delivery services.
battery black icon Battery: Powered by a car battery (9-75V).
signal Coverage: More than 100 countries with 4G technology.

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Choose your subscription plan

After receiving your tracking device, select the subscription plan that best suits your needs.

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Get the app for real-time tracking

Download our free Finder Portal app and enjoy real-time tracking of your Vehicle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our trackers devices show you the real-time location in more than 100 countries.

Our devices are fully capable of providing GPS tracking solutions for businesses. We have several tracking control panels that can help you discover more about your vehicle statistics. All tracking information will be stored for 365 days.

Absolutely. Our tracking devices are suitable for fleet tracking. You can add as many tracking devices as you want to your Finder portal account. This will help you track all the vehicles in a fleet using a single Finder portal account on your phone.

The total cost to activate GPS tracking on your car is the cost of the device and the cost of the preferred subscription model.

To ensure that our GPS devices for cars work correctly, we include a special SIM card in them. This enables real-time location tracking without range restrictions or additional costs when abroad.

We offer 3 subscription models:

  • $4.17/month (€99.99 one-time payment every two years)
  • $4.99/month (€59.88 one-time payment annually)
  • $6.99/month (€6.99 monthly payment)

Subscriptions have no commitment period.

You will receive an immediate notification on your mobile application and by email as soon as the vehicle leaves the safe zone that you have previously set up on the GPS device. This way, you can be aware of its location and take quick action in case of an emergency. Furthermore, our notification service is free and without additional cost to you.

Yes, your subscription renews automatically. However, you can cancel it at any time and even pause it if you wish.

No, los costos siempre se mantendrán iguales, incluso cuando el dispositivo de seguimiento se use en el extranjero. No hay cargos ocultos.

To ensure the proper functioning of our GPS trackers for cars, the use of a special SIM card is required. This card allows for real-time location without range restrictions or additional costs, even with frequent location updates.

We offer this service through a monthly subscription, which allows for a full view of all activities. On our website, you can choose the desired subscription term and get more information about the associated costs.

To track multiple vehicles using GPS trackers, it is necessary to purchase a tracker for each vehicle. You can easily add new devices to your account and track them using a single account on the Finder Portal, or create a separate account for each tracking device, as you prefer. If you have any questions, we will help you set it up.