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Save your children with a GPS Tracker

Protecting your child has never been easier. Your PAJ GPS Tracker gives you many ways to protect your child

Be alerted immediately:

  • Thanks to SOS alarm
  • Immediate alarm message

Know the location

  • LIVE Tracking
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • Alarm on entering/leaving

Fast reaction in emergency situations

  • Create release link for all helpers
  • LIVE tracking for all helpers
  • Search is made easier

Because it has to work in an emergency

  • Inconspicuous – small and easy 
  • Low battery alarm notification
  • Splash water protection
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GPS for children: selection

Our recommendations for your child GPS Tracker is EASY Finder. The EASY Finder is easy to put on and take off thanks to its small dimensions and also has a clearly visible SOS button. The device scores very well in the GPS Tracker Child Test of various websites. One other option could be the ALLROUND Finder. Its a practical all-purpose weapon that can also be used in other application areas with a big battery lifetime.

As the GPS signal can easily overcome one or two obstacles, it is recommended to store it in a bag (for example a school bag). It can also be carried in a jacket pocket or anywhere else close to the body, providing a positioning accuracy of up to 5 metres.

Do you want to protect your little ones? – Then a mounting on the pram or the Maxi Cosi is a good idea. Here the EASY Finder can easily be attached under the pram. When mounted in the pram or Maxi Cosi, the advantage is that the FINDER will be noticed if it comes off unintentionally and will not get lost. If you have any further questions about mounting and fastening, we will be happy to help you.

Many parents consider the possibility of a GPS child watch (or a GPS Tracker child bracelet), but we advise against it. Initially, GPS reception is not always the best and it takes a few seconds for the GPS Tracker for Children to connect and send information. In an emergency, however, these seconds can be critical. Besides the high cost of such a watch, you also have to think about the accuracy of the location, this is not always accurate and compared to our GPS transmitter unfortunately quite inaccurate. In the case of an assault, there is also the danger that the perpetrator identifies the watch as a tracker and takes it from the child.

GPS transmitter child:
7 reasons where and why you need one:

As a parent, you quickly become concerned if your offspring is not home on time or has to make the journey to school alone. So that you always know where your child is, a GPS tracker is recommended. We have compiled the advantages of locating children and the dangers you can prevent in this way in 7 reasons. Of course, there are other positive aspects of GPS for children.

  1. On the way to school

Especially in the winter months, when it gets light later in the morning and starts getting dark early in the afternoon, you send your children on their way with a queasy feeling. Dangers are now even more difficult to see and lurk everywhere. Darkness is simply not a healthy environment for your child. And this is exactly where our children’s GPS Tracker is ideal. In your FINDER Portal you can track the location and school route of your child. Irregularities can be reported immediately and you can act immediately.

  1. Excursions

Whether with the sports club or the whole school class – with larger groups and also in a foreign environment, it can quickly happen that a child runs away or is even overlooked. Here, the supervisor can be entered as an SOS contact for the duration of the trip, so that the supervisor also receives information about the triggered SOS alarm. In this way, you not only relieve yourself of worries and fears, but also make the work of a possible supervisor easier. An all-round successful addition to the excursion packing list.

  1. Protection for the youngest

It is not only the schoolchild who is on the way to school that can be harmed or put in danger. Something can also happen to your smallest protégé. To protect your youngest too, simply place the GPS Tracker in the pram or attach it to the Maxi Cosi. Due to its small dimensions, the GPS Tracker is hardly noticeable to children and can be attached almost anywhere. So you can track and trace not only independent children as they grow up, but also a baby.

  1. Wandering in a strange environment

Are you visiting in a new environment, or are you possibly living in a big city? Here it can quickly happen that your child gets lost in the crowd and does not find the right way back to you. If your son or daughter takes a wrong turn, ends up in unknown corners and doesn’t know what to do, child tracking can be the saviour. In the app you can now trace the path of your child and the M2M map guarantees the best network at all times.

  1. On journeys

If you are going on holiday with the whole family, don’t forget your tracking device for your child. As it can be used worldwide, the protection of your child already starts at the airport or train station. Avoid getting lost in this way and know that your child is safe during the entire stay. If you are travelling in a safe environment, you can also let your child explore on its own. With GPS monitoring, nobody will get lost for your child. Especially when on holiday abroad, we recommend using it right from the start. You don’t have to worry about additional costs which might arise abroad due to fees. Thanks to the M2M SIM card, these do not exist with us. You always pay the same rate you choose, regardless of location or other usage-dependent factors.

    1. Emergency

    It can happen anywhere and unfortunately faster than expected – an accident. Even if it happens, you want quick help for your child and to be informed what has happened. Here you can press the SOS button, so alarms are sent to all stored SOS contacts with your child’s position. This function can be of decisive help in many unpleasant situations. Not only in case of an accident, your child can act quickly. Even if he or she is lost or injured as mentioned above or if he or she does not feel comfortable in a situation. You will be informed shortly and have the exact whereabouts of your child in the same breath. Our online portal has all street and house numbers, just like Google Maps. Even if no roads are listed (e.g. in forests or fields), you have the possibility to find exact coordinates.

    1. Criminal acts

    The police record around 12,000 attacks on children for the year 2017. To prevent such a fate, our GPS trackers are ideal for children. Whether violent assault or kidnapping, by pressing the emergency call button and tracking the route, your children are protected from the dangers. Protect yourself and especially your child with one of our devices. Other alarms can also help. For example, the radius alarm informs you if your child is too far away from a set waypoint. The speed alarm will go off as soon as the GPS transmitter for children has exceeded the speed limit you have set.