The Tracker for a car is the ultimate weapon for signal relay car theft

Using a wireless transmitter and relaying the signals the thieves can get away with your car but not when you installed a tracker for a car in it.

How can a car get stolen without the keys?

With the advancement of technology in cars, keyless start and entry is a common thing now. These technologies use radio frequencies to communicate back and forth with the car and the remote control like any other device. Depending upon the car brand there are mild variations in the frequencies. The thief mocks these frequencies using a wireless transmitter and receiver.
As per the theifs uses commonly 3 techniques to steal the car. Those are signal relaying, signal jamming, and key programming. The most common way of theft is signal relaying asper the records from recent crimes.

How can a car tracker be used against theft?

There are numerous ways to avoid signal relaying and theft afterward. Even though you take all those precaution a single mistake from your side end up in losing your car. The attackers may be targeting you in places where you think you are safe. In this situation, the tracker for a car would be a game-changer. Here is how you can use it on a daily basis.

Setting up a geofence around your home and work place

Geofence is an invisible area set by you as a safe ground for your car. If you are visiting places like your office on a regular basis, you can set up a geo-fence around the area. In this setting in your GPS tracker for cars, you can specify the radius and the tracker will inform you if that geofence is breached. Most car tracking devices will give you alert messages immediately in such scenarios.

Setting up Vibrational Alarms on your tracker device

If the signal relaying does not go as planned, the attackers may try to vandalize the car to get in or leave it with damages. In such cases, the vibrational alarm on your tracker device will let you know about this activity. The sensor attached to the GPS tracker will capture any vibrations that are harmful enough to the object, which it is meant to protect. The thieves will not be aware of such notifications at all because of their incredibly small size.

Security in Tracker device signal

Signals from the tracker devices cannot be jammed or blocked by the thieves using the same technology they used for signal relaying. In fact, the attackers can not even detect the presence of a GPS tracker inside the vehicle. This is because the GPS tracker is not using unique frequencies like remote, instead, it uses frequencies that are used to communicates with GPS satellites. Breaking into such satellite frequencies is so difficult and it would take a long time. Such a level of attack is unheard of and has never been reported in history.

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