Tracker Devices or Security Cameras – A detailed study 2021


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Today I want to talk about the merits of devices for tracking over security cameras. Before we get into that just want to clarify that I have no intention to degrade any product over the other. This analysis is based on a few situations where a GPS tracking device has the advantage over CCTV cameras. Let’s dive in..!

How a tracker devices competes with Surveillance Cameras.?

Clearly, there is no competition between these two devices provided in some situations a GPS tracker is more helpful than cameras. If you are focussing on providing security for a single object, a small GPS tracker will be a good option than CCTV’s.

Let us discuss how the CCTV’s are working in a bit more detail. The only job these cameras will do is to record the visuals 24×7. It is a good thing but the system won’t initiate anything when there is an attempt of theft while you are away. Obviously, you can’t protect the whole property using a GPS tracking device but you can protect your valuables, for example, the safe locker inside your bedroom.

The other main aspect where the tracker devices has the advantage over cameras is the maintenance charge. A car tracker device is much cheaper than a CCTV unit which includes cameras, cables, and servers, etc. The wear and tear for a whole CCTV system is much greater than the trackers.

Coming to the installation process it is far easier to install a tracker than cameras. You don’t need to drill your walls and find extra space for maintaining the servers. The time consumption for a small GPS tracker installation will take only 5 to 10 minutes at most but in CCTV it may take 2 or 3 days.

The internet data to run both setups has huge differences too. In order to view CCTV footage on mobile in live would require a good amount of internet speed whether in a GPS tracker devices you don’t need such speed. The alerts will be delivered to you if you are connected to a 2G network as well. 

Last but not least, a CCTV system can not run and do its duty by itself. You need a second person to monitor this footage and inform you of anything unusual. Whereas in a GPS Tracking device, the system will inform you if there is an unusual vibration or location change. That’s the sole purpose of a security system right?.

Also, you will be definitely late to know the theft activity if you only rely upon CCTV. Generally, these systems are useful after the crimes incidents and it is not that much helpful during the first couple of seconds of theft activity. But in a GPS tracker devices, the device will inform you right away if there is a vibration or change of place happened. You will be one step closer to the thief and can reduce the damage significantly.

How to decide which product is best for you? A Small GPS Tracker or CCTV.

The answer depends upon your requirement. As I have explained earlier these two devices have their own merits and demerits. Considering the type of asset you want to manage and the manpower, you can select a tracker or CCTV.

There is one other aspect too which is important to discuss here. In fact, you can use the tracker device as the second level of security for your valuables. In short, if you are short of funds to maintain a CCTV you can go for a tracker device, which is cheap and reliable. This method also gives you the comfort and relaxation you needed

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