the best free gps tracking app
the best free gps tracking app

The best free GPS Tracking app without monthly Fee in UK

We know that GPS tracker can locate any items on the planet. They have dedicated GPS device and computer software to manage it. The cost of these items may vary depending upon the usage level and monthly subscription amount.

But did you know that you can create your own GPS tracker at zero cost.?  You only need an old smart phone of yours to create your own GPS Tracker.  Of course, it will not replace the dedicated GPS tracker devices with tracking app.  This free GPS tracker application is secure and has all the measures to securely save your location data. The access to the GPS dashboards is controlled by username and passwords.

If the two smart phones that take part in tracking has no security vulnerabilities, the tracking will be safe and secure. Only the admins can see the live location of the other device.

Mockup GPS Tracker App FINDER Portal

How to create a GPS Tracker using old smartphone.

To set up a GPS tracker using smart phone is simple process by using PAJ Free mobile tracker app downloadable from google play store and apple store. Before setting up the free GPS tracking software, the smartphone should have internet connection and GPS setting enabled.
The steps for turning your old smart phone into a Free GPS tracker are as follows

  1. Recharge your old phone and insert a sim card with active internet connection.
  2. Switch on the old smartphone and leave the internet connection and GPS location active.
  3. Download PAJ Mobile tracker app from google play store or Apple store
  4. Register and set up your account in your old smart phone for free
  5. Download PAJ Finder portal in your current phone
  6. Login to the app using the credentials from old smart phone
  7. You have turned your old smart phone into a GPS tracker
  8. Use the PAJ finder portal to view live location of your old smart phone and configure alerts

This free mobile tracker app has all the features of a dedicated GPS tracker with paid subscription. The functions such as geofencing, speeding alert, and live tracking is possible subjected to the network connectivity.

Application Areas of free GPS mobile tracker

From monitoring your car to tracking your kid’s movement, the smart phone with PAJ Free mobile tracker app can be deployed in variety of situation. You can place it in your family car secretly to track the live location and speed while you are not around. The possible applications are endless, and the alerts can be configured as per the requirement. The other good aspect of this system is the reusability of electronic devices and thereby reducing the E waste.  Using the finder portal app, you can easily share the live location with police department in emergency. Most importantly the idea behind introducing the free mobile tracker app is to generate awareness about the GPS tracking. It is such a cost effective and most reliable technology to provide security to the things you love 

Limitations of Free mobile tracker app

In this mode of GPS tracking the security and performance solely depends on the mobile phone that we set up as tracker (The old mobile phone in which the free mobile tracker app installed). Unlike dedicated tracking devices, the mobile tracker app can easily be disabled either by turning off the data connection or by disabling the GPS. The tracking will not work if the free mobile tracker app from PAJ has been uninstalled from the system. To actively use the tracker, you would require keep both the apps installed in the respective phones. The network connection in the smart phone (especially the phone acting as GPS Tracker) is also a prime factor for location tracking therefore any drop in the internet connection would also affect the live tracking.

The best free GPS Tracking app without monthly Fee in UK
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The best free GPS Tracking app without monthly Fee in UK
The idea behind introducing the free mobile tracker app is to generate awareness about the GPS tracking. free of cost gps tracker
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