Home safety with a GPS Tracker – How does it really work?

Home safety with a GPS Tracker

For all the homemakers out there, we get you. We know you and we’ve been you. It’s a constant struggle to keep the show running and make the impossible work like nothing’s wrong. But not everything has to be so hard and there are ways to minimize the toll to keep your household safe and […]

GPS Tracker for first-time parents

gps tracker for kids security

Being a parent is a full-time job. The restless nights, the crying, diapers, the little toddler running off the first chance they get… can be hard and overwhelming. There’s no way to make sure that your precious little one is safe all the time, but the important thing to remember is to be there for […]

How GPS Tracker works in Mobile

screenshot of mobile screen showing how gps tracker works

The GPS system is used in so many applications area. Nowadays the daily activities of human beings are tied up with the GPS navigation. One way or other we are taking advantage of the GPS systems to complete our daily task. This technology is free of cost as the GPS satellites are owned by the […]

Accuracy and challenges of GPS Device!


How accurate is a GPS device? The accuracy of most of the GPS devices is 2 meters CEP, Circular Error Probability, which means the device is accurate within two meters. There is no such thing as a measuring gadget that is 100 percent accurate ever till now. Taking multiple measurements over several minutes yields an […]

GPS Tracker for Electric Vehicles

electric car with gps tracker installed in it for security

Electric vehicles are considered to be one of the most eco-friendly inventions in this century. Car enthusiast all over the world has welcomed EVs wholeheartedly. It is always most exciting when the technology blends in with biodiversity. A lot of companies are transforming their service and products more eco-friendly than ever due to the increasing […]

How does a car gps tracker works

how a car gps tracker works

Car GPS Tracker is a small communication device that consists of chips and modules programmed to function as a transmitter of a car’s location at any time. Unlike any other communication device, A GPS tracker has advanced network cards and communication chips. This is for ensuring the connectivity of the device with the network at […]

Which GPS Tracker is the Best


Introduction Unlike many other products, purchasing a security device such as a GPS tracker devices is quite complicated. Security devices must be very functional and should have high performance. They should not fail during their service period. So selecting a tracker for car includes in-depth knowledge of available trackers at the market. This research content […]

GPS TRACKER: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!


How will you decide if you need a GPS tracker in your day-to-day life?. First, let me explain what this piece of equipment really is. A GPS tracker is security equipment meant to track an object by its geo-location. Nowadays Tracker devices have more functionalities other than tracing Geolocation. The high-level programming in the microchips […]

Tracking Device for car – Buyer Purchase Checklist


Tracking Device for car – Buyer Purchase Checklist Purchasing a Tracking Device for a car is might be a tough situation for someone who is not into the tech world. To purchase the best product within your budget requires market analysis and comparisons between different products. Even though it gets confusing to look at the […]