How GPS Tracker works in Mobile

screenshot of mobile screen showing how gps tracker works

The GPS system is used in so many applications area. Nowadays the daily activities of human beings are tied up with the GPS navigation. One way or other we are taking advantage of the GPS systems to complete our daily task. This technology is free of cost as the GPS satellites are owned by the […]

How does a car gps tracker works

how a car gps tracker works

Car GPS Tracker is a small communication device that consists of chips and modules programmed to function as a transmitter of a car’s location at any time. Unlike any other communication device, A GPS tracker has advanced network cards and communication chips. This is for ensuring the connectivity of the device with the network at […]

How to Track a Vehicle in Realtime

GPS tracker installed in a car to track it's movement in realtime

Vehicle tracking may be required on many occasions in our day-to-day life. People track a vehicle for mainly 2 reasons. That is to protect the vehicle from intruders and reckless use and for increasing business potential. History of tracking vehicle in the world Back in the day, GPS tracking was only for military use. At […]

GPS TRACKER: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!


How will you decide if you need a GPS tracker in your day-to-day life?. First, let me explain what this piece of equipment really is. A GPS tracker is security equipment meant to track an object by its geo-location. Nowadays Tracker devices have more functionalities other than tracing Geolocation. The high-level programming in the microchips […]

Benefits of GPS Tracker in Transport Business


Benefits of GPS Tracker in Transport Business A business that involves tracking a vehicle can adopt strategies involving GPS tracker to increase productivity. This approach will increase revenue and business growth. Logistics is the backbone of any consumer-based business. It is a major factor for business growth. Most of the businesses outsource the logistic part […]

Buy a car tracker – Reasons you should know in with Supporting Data

buy gps tracker for car

Buy a car tracker – Reasons you should know in 2021 with Supporting Data This might be the blog that gets your blood pressure high. The opinion about buying a car tracker for a car may vary from person to person but what is the common reason? After a careful study, we discover something shocking. […]