GPS Tracker for first-time parents

gps tracker for kids security

Being a parent is a full-time job. The restless nights, the crying, diapers, the little toddler running off the first chance they get… can be hard and overwhelming. There’s no way to make sure that your precious little one is safe all the time, but the important thing to remember is to be there for […]

GPS Tracking and travel history!

travel history using gps tracker

In the long run, the world has become more affordable to the layman that technology that was once beyond the wildest dreams has come ready on the fingertips. Nowadays, People are becoming more conscious of just about everything around them as technology advances, whether it’s their family or their possessions.  Learning where their kids spent […]

Accuracy and challenges of GPS Device!


How accurate is a GPS device? The accuracy of most of the GPS devices is 2 meters CEP, Circular Error Probability, which means the device is accurate within two meters. There is no such thing as a measuring gadget that is 100 percent accurate ever till now. Taking multiple measurements over several minutes yields an […]

The Advantages of Using GPS Fleet Tracking For Your Business

diagram showing how gps fleet tracking works

The phrase “fleet management” refers to the process of managing organisational operations through the use of GPS tracking to assure fleet safety. Location tracking is used by fleet managers to collect fleet data and run it through powerful algorithms to ensure the security of a company’s cars and assets. Because mobile fleet management involves so […]

Benefits of using a PAJ GPS device

benefits of using a gps tracker on car

Most of us use the services of a GPS device in many different areas without even knowing about its way of functioning and its main advantages. So I thought of explaining it using our devices as examples. A PAJ GPS device uses signals transmitted by orbiting satellites via a mobile network to the device. The […]

PAJ GPS car Tracker; All You Need To Know

Low battery alarm in PAJ Gps tracker for car

We all love our cars very much. Most of us spend a part of our daily life in the car and we use cars for different purposes. A car is as important as a shelter and so we spend a good amount of money buying that. We also prefer to buy the most stylish car […]