How GPS Technology Works

Satellite and GPS receiver interaction in GPS System

We have been using GPS for decades now but some of us may be unaware about how GPS works. As we already know GPS technology is being used for many purposes in our day to day life. The common gadgets that use GPS technology are Mobile Phones, GPS enabled Watches, GPS Tracker Devices, and GPS […]

A Pet-owner’s guide to GPS trackers.

dog with GPS Tracker protection

GPS trackers are a great option for security and safeguarding your precious assets and loved ones. But did you know that GPS trackers can also be amazingly efficient for your pets? With so many dangers lurking around, waiting to happen, it’s crucial that we do what is necessary to ensure the safety of our pets. […]

GPS Tracking device – a guide for travellers.

gps tracker for travellers

GPS Tracking device – a guide for travellers If you are someone who frequently travels from city to city as part of your job, or if you like to get lost in the tranquillity of nature, either way, your safety is a massive concern for all your loved ones. And in a way, it meddles […]

Personal Track devices for elderly


Personal Track devices for elderly There are many ways we can help our seniors and the older generation around us. They have reached the latter end of their life, and now you want to take care of them and make them feel comfortable. Oftentimes, they struggle with remembering things and it gets particularly difficult for […]

GPS Tracking and travel history!

travel history using gps tracker

In the long run, the world has become more affordable to the layman that technology that was once beyond the wildest dreams has come ready on the fingertips. Nowadays, People are becoming more conscious of just about everything around them as technology advances, whether it’s their family or their possessions.  Learning where their kids spent […]

GPS Trackers or Apple Air Tag?

man confused about buying a gps tracker or apple air tag

Apple introduced their Air tags as a great tool to find lost things in your daily life. There is a growing misconception that air tags can be used as a GPS tracking device. It is because of how the product has been introduced into the market in a way that people think that it can […]

Log book in GPS Tracking Device – How it is useful for Car Tracking

benefits of log book in gps tracker from paj gps

A GPS tracking device is one of the most ingenious and useful tools that you have to have in the modern day. It’s exceptionally simple, yet creates a blanket of security for your assets and businesses that quite matches an insurance or security. Having a clear sense of the whereabouts of your car, children, pets, […]

Accuracy and challenges of GPS Device!


How accurate is a GPS device? The accuracy of most of the GPS devices is 2 meters CEP, Circular Error Probability, which means the device is accurate within two meters. There is no such thing as a measuring gadget that is 100 percent accurate ever till now. Taking multiple measurements over several minutes yields an […]

How to effectively prevent motorcycle theft effortlessly?

motorcycle with GPS tracker installed for protection

Technology has been developing day-by-day and different types of technologies have been developed to make human life easier. Technology provides a great deal of convenience in human life activities. Security systems are an ideal example of that. In this article, I am trying to explain how PAJ GPS is helping you to secure your assets, […]

Benefits of using a PAJ GPS device

benefits of using a gps tracker on car

Most of us use the services of a GPS device in many different areas without even knowing about its way of functioning and its main advantages. So I thought of explaining it using our devices as examples. A PAJ GPS device uses signals transmitted by orbiting satellites via a mobile network to the device. The […]