GPS Tracker without subscription

Discover the “Mobile GPS Tracker” app now and easily turn your old smartphone into a free GPS tracker.

The Mobile GPS Tracker App

 For a GPS Tracker without a subscription.


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Locate with your mobile phone easily:

With our new app you can turn your own or an unused mobile phone into a GPS Tracker for free.

Mockup GPS Tracker App FINDER Portal

Set up free account


1. Install “Mobile GPS Tracker” App on old smartphone.

2. Create new account.

3. Install “PAJ Portal” App on daily smartphone.

4. Log in with created account data.

5. View position data. Done!


No acquisition costs

Use your own cell phone

Track record

Trace routes traveled 100 days

SOS alarm

Alert stored contacts in case of emergency

Radius alarm

Set radius and be informed when leaving

Speed alarm

Be alerted when speeding

Battery alarm

Be alerted when the battery level of the cell phone is too low

Download Apps

For successful use of the free GPS Tracker App, it is mandatory to install both Apps:

Mobile GPS Tracker App

PAJ Portal App