benefits of log book in gps tracker from paj gps
benefits of log book in gps tracker from paj gps

Log book in GPS Tracking Device – How it is useful for Car Tracking

A GPS tracking device is one of the most ingenious and useful tools that you have to have in the modern day. It’s exceptionally simple, yet creates a blanket of security for your assets and businesses that quite matches an insurance or security. Having a clear sense of the whereabouts of your car, children, pets, or precious assets means you can relax and be sure that any mishaps or unforeseen situations never threaten their safety. 

A GPS tracker works pretty well in most circumstances, and you can personally ensure that the particular brand that you purchase is the right one for you. When boiled down to it’s basics, it’s a simple beacon that transmits it’s accurate location to you at all times. These days, GPS trackers also come with added features such as geofencing, speed detection, vibration alarms, etc. for additional protection. 

When installed with your car or assets, you can monitor their live location at all times, where they are going, where they have been, and get instant notification if they leave a particular area if they are not supposed to. This allows you to safeguard your car or kids if they are in school. The trackers have commercial advantages as you can track shipments and cargo and even how fast they’re moving. 

What is a logbook in a GPS tracker?

If you’re interested in GPS trackers, one thing that you must know is the logbook functionality of them. As we mentioned, every GPS tracking device transmits its location data to you, or stores them in some way for you to access them. But in most cases, that might not be enough. You will also need the travel history and the details of where it’s been and how it got to the point where it is. That’s where the logbook function comes into play. It systematically records your travelled routes with all the travelling attributes including speed, time, map, etc. 

So naturally, the next question is to ask which is the best Tracking device ?.

PAJ GPS, being extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use, has conveniently stored these data in the servers where you can access them easily. You can select the date range and the format of the data you need, and access the detailed travel logbook of the device that paints you a clear picture of the route records of the device, and the carrier with it. 

So how long does this logbook exist? You can access the travel history of the past 100 days of the device. In almost all cases, this gives you a very accurate and enlightening visual of the device’s whereabouts. 

What are the benefits of a Logbook?

A logbook in a tracker device lets you analyse the travel history, route map, location data, speed, and more is very useful to find a missing asset or stolen valuable like your car. You get a perfect record of where it’s been and how it’s travelled to understand the complete picture or the whole story. 

Even in normal everyday life, having a logbook can help you estimate the fuel efficiency of your vehicle based on how long it’s travelled and when you last refuelled. It also goes without saying that if you are travelling, the logbook function helps you calculate the travel expenditure based on the length of the trip and the places you visited.  

If you are a regular traveller or spends too much time on the road, having a travel history logbook can assist you in identifying the recurring / unwanted routes and make your trip more efficient based on the length, time it takes, and the traffic of the regular routes. 

What are the other features of the GPS tracking device

But that’s not all. A GPS tracker from PAJ also comes with some very useful and interesting features along with the 100 days logbook. 

The PAJ car tracking device is a standalone device that sustains itself. It has its own battery and location and coordination equipment that simply frees you from connecting it to the car or any other assets for power or location tracking. This allows you to have accurate location data at all times even in emergency situations like if the car breaks down or if the power is out. So no matter what, you always get the most precise location and coordinates even during emergencies. 

Then there is the much-needed geo fencing feature that alerts you if the device moves beyond a certain area that it’s not supposed to. The PAJ GPS tracking device also make use of the faster 4G network coverage for faster and more reliable data transmission. It also hosts multiple alarms that alerts you such as vibrational alarm, speeding alarm, and alerts in case if the battery is removed or if the device is turned off. These ensures that nothing suspicious or unintended happens even if you are not around. There is also an emergency SOS Button that helps you contact the authorities and concerned ones if anything does go wrong or if you need help.

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