Expert Talk: Interview with Christin S01

Here is an interview with Christin regarding her experience in PAJ customer support. We sit with her to discuss about the devices and feedbacks from customers. Christin has dealt with variety of user issues at PAJ and is an expert at resolving any issues to the tracking device.

Q: How one can choose the right GPS tracker for Car?

  • It’s important to know whether you want to hide a tracker in the car or connect it directly to the battery. With a battery device you are more flexible, while a permanently connected device does not need to be charged. Both the devices have its own advantages and It is totally up to you to decide.

Q: What are the important things to consider while installing a GPS tracker?

  • During the initial set up Make sure that the Tracker has first transmitted an initial record to the FINDER portal after online registration. After that, you can hide/connect the device in the vehicle and use it.

Q: What the one question that you get most from your customers often?

  • Why is my tracker not transmitting? – In this case, it may be due to the positioning of the tracker in the vehicle or a poor data connection. With the help of our customer service, this issue is usually solved within a few minutes.

Q: In your opinion how important is GPS Tracking for vehicle owner?

  • If you value your vehicle, it is important to have a GPS tracker in it to prevent thieves and to be able to inform yourself about the mileage of the driven routes, for example. It is also beneficial as a safeguard for young drivers, as relatives can be a little more reassured by having a GPS tracker.

Q: Can you share a happy moment you had with your customer?

  • A customer had a hit-and-run accident and was able to prove his innocence of the accident using the GPS data in his portal.

Q: In your opinion what the one thing that customer like most about GPS Trackers?

  • Our GPS trackers provide security for people, vehicles, animals, and objects. Carrying a GPS tracker therefore gives a sense of security and can protect against problems, e.g. if a patient with dementia can no longer find his way home and gets lost.

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