gps-tracker-for-motorcycle mobile view
gps-tracker-for-motorcycle mobile view

How to check if your GPS tracker device is working properly

A GPS Tracker would need a very less maintenance other than proper recharge of the batteries. But it is a good thing to test the device occasionally. Here we are discussing some tips to check if your GPS device is working properly.

Check the signals on the device

Understanding the device is the major steps to detect any malfunction on the device. Most of the devices would have LED lights to indicate the device status. These LED signals include power signal, GPS signals and Data connection signals.

Understanding the colour codes on these LED and the rhythm of blinking can help you to pick up any issues with the tracker. The problems such as loss of GPS connection and poor data connection can be identified from these LED lights.

The system will automatically resolve these issues by switching into the best network available on the area.

Is the device is showing Correct location?

Once you are familiar with the LED lights, it time to explore app to identify any issues with the tracker. On your finder portal check whether the GPS location is accurate. If there is any miss match, it is better to contact the customer support immediately. They will help you to recalibrate the device.

Are the routes being recorded when you move?

The best way to check if the device is working properly is to check whether the route has been recorded on your finder portal. You will be able see the routes you have taken on the map with detailed over view of the journey. This ensures the uninterrupted data transfer between the device and the severs.

Do you receive alerts within minutes/alerts?

The security alerts must be delivered to the user within seconds. There might be issues if this not happening with your device. Maybe it is because of the location where you stored the device or because of rare external atmospheric condition. Either way you could try relocating the device or you might need to contact the customer support. Also, it is important to have the latest version of the app on your mobile device/computer which can be done free of cost.

Check the battery level on your GPS Tracker

This is not applied to all types of trackers in which there are device which rely on external batter sources such as a car battery. Low battery percentage will affect the performance of the whole device. So, maintaining a optimal battery percentage is always a good thing. Also, it will help to increase the battery life. As always this can be checked in finder portal.

We might run in to problems because of some mis aligned setting no matter how big the brand name is. A dedicated and friendly customer support is the key for solving such issues. In fact, such friendly customer support turns customers into family.

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