how a car gps tracker works
how a car gps tracker works

How does a car gps tracker works

Car GPS Tracker is a small communication device that consists of chips and modules programmed to function as a transmitter of a car’s location at any time. Unlike any other communication device, A GPS tracker has advanced network cards and communication chips. This is for ensuring the connectivity of the device with the network at all times irrespective of the external condition.

Before we get into the details of how a Car GPS Tracker works, let’s discuss the structure and functionality of Car tracker. A Tracker for a car consists of a small device and a mobile application to track, monitor, and configure the device. This device act as a GPS location transmitter. An application that can be installed on mobile, tablet, or pc will act as a hub for receiving the signals from the car GPS tracker and process it for presenting them on to your screen. 

We all have used mobile phones for communication purposes. In the early stages, communication is achieved by servers located all over the globe. Later on, in the early ’20s mobile phones have developed to share location as well. But these locations are not accurate enough because of the weak GPS system. So to secure a car or any object from the thief,  a strong GPS system is required. As the name says, the device’s sole purpose is to transmit the location. The location transmitted via GPS system will be more accurate and precise.

Mobile App – Key to Communicate with Car Tracker

Once the GPS transmitter shares the location, it is the duty of the mobile application and the programming codes to analyze the location and compares it with the rules set by the user. Let us take an example. If you set up a GEO fencing around your house for your car, the system will inform you instantaneously whenever the car leaves that area. This is done by probably a 4 stage process but due to the immense execution speed of the programs and servers, we won’t notice any lags.

GPS trackers are now more than just location tracking. Trackers from PAJ are feature-rich to accommodate all your security concerns. In fact, it is so advanced that you will receive alerts even when unusual vibrations occur on your asset. 

Like any other technological invention, GPS trackers have a complex working procedure. But customers should never have to bother about anything of that sort. To set up a GPS tracker from PAJ will take only 3 mins. It is a 3 stage process that includes turning on the tracker device, connecting it to the mobile app by verifying the code, and the final step of fixing it onto the host safely.

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