Home safety with a GPS Tracker
Home safety with a GPS Tracker

Home safety with a GPS Tracker – How does it work?

For all the homemakers out there, we get you. We know you and we’ve been you. It’s a constant struggle to keep the show running and make the impossible work like nothing’s wrong. But not everything has to be so hard and there are ways to minimize the toll to keep your household safe and secure when you are at and away from home.

GPS trackers are very useful for home safety. They are easy to use and compact enough to not make a fuss or stand out too much as an eyesore. However, their most prominent feature is their versatility. You can use them with almost everything including your children and pets, and you can manage it easily with a mobile or tablet.

So, let’s cut to the chase and see how a GPS tracker protects your home. But before that, we figured you can take a quick lesson on what GPS trackers are and how they work.

What are GPS Trackers and how do they work?

GPS Trackers are small, compact devices that transmit location data to you. There are multiple variants depending on the size and utility, but the more efficient ones use M2M 4G networks to pinpoint their location with absolute accuracy.

There are several satellites orbiting around the Earth. GPS trackers receive signals from them and with at least 4 of them, a decent GPS tracker can accurately measure its location. However, the location accuracy only increases as the number of satellites increases. It then transmits that location data from the device to your mobile app or whatever user interface you’re using to manage it.

So, once you log in with your mobile or tablet, you can see where that tracker is, and thereby where the object or person carrying that tracker is.

Home protection using GPS Trackers

Whether you want to protect the valuables in your home when you’re away or if you are worried about the safety of your kids or pets when they are away from home, GPS Trackers can be the solution.

You can easily place a GPS Tracker in your kid’s backpack or inside their jacket and it won’t be even noticeable. This way, you can see where they are, which routes they take, how long they have been traveling, how fast their school bus or drivers are taking them, etc.

GPS trackers also come with features such as Geo-Fencing which allows you to mark a virtual boundary around school or park or home. This means you get an instant notification when they enter or leave that boundary. So, whenever your kids arrive or leave school, you know. You can make sure they’re not skipping school, or if they are not at school when they should be. This feature can also be helpful when you are taking your kids or pets to the park, and they run around. You will get an instant alert when they are about to leave the area and you can easily track them down with precise location data.

An added advantage of GPS Tracker with your kids is the dedicated SOS button that comes with some models. Your kids can use that to contact you and alert first responders like the police or ambulance in case they get into any trouble and help can reach them quickly because of the precise location from the tracker.

Another great way GPS Trackers help to improve your home security is by safeguarding it from burglars. You can easily install a GPS Tracker in your car or valuable assets at home and you will know when they leave the premises without you knowing. The key to retrieval in cases of theft is to track down the perpetrator as quickly as possible. You can alert authorities and follow the route of the burglar with ease as you have accurate location data and a roadmap because of your GPS Tracker.

So, if you are considering improving the security in and around your home, or if you are done worrying about the safety of your kids or pets all the time when they’re away from home, take a look at your options with GPS Trackers. They’re incredibly cost-efficient and can offer you much-needed peace of mind with very little maintenance and upkeep.


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