GPS tracker vintage car

Live tracking, route recording, alerts – know where your car is at all times. The optimal anti-theft protection for your collector’s item.

Features of GPS Tracker
Vintage Cars

LIVE Tracking

View the current location from anywhere at any time in 3-D view

Store Traveled Routes

You can store the traveled routes up to 100 days in your application

Invisible Fence

Immediate alerting via push message when the tracker device leave a defined area.

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Ideal GPS tracker for classic cars

NEW GPS transmitter for classic cars with innovative 4G technology!

easy finder 4g


Up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode


Alarm message as soon as the GPS tracker is lifted

asset tracker from paj gps

£ 149.99

Up to 180 days of battery life in standby mode

NO live tracking, only sends a position once a day

Alert notification when the GPS tracker is lifted

vehicle finder 4g from paj gps

£ 99.99

Connection to car battery (8-32 V)

Up to 24 hours internal battery when power is removed

Waterproof according to IP67

2G GPS tracking for classic cars

GPS Tracker and Finder Portal Application from PAJ GPS International


Approx 40 days battery life


Magnetic mounting possible

vehicle tracker 1.0 from paj gps

£ 49.99

Approx. 20 days battery life


SOS emergency button

GPS tracker classic car: advantages

Instant notification incase of emergency

  • Customized alerts 
  • Notification via E-Mail and Push messages
  • live location on your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC

Always know where your car is

  • LIVE-Tracking and route history for 100 days
  • Service available in over 100 countries
  • App for Smartphone, Tablet, or PC

Analyze traveled route with Custom dashboards

  • 100 day travel track saving
  • Speed profile and alarm for over speed
  • Traveled miles and analytics

Respond quickly in an emergency

  • Easily share your location
  • Live broadcasting of the location
  • Dedicated SOS switch for emergency

GPS tracker vintage car

For more security & a good feeling

With increasing age, i.e. in steps that are difficult to stop , the value of every classic car increases . In addition, valuable individual parts are pure gold in the eyes of every collector due to their limited availability. It is not uncommon for vintage cars to be stolen, broken down into their individual parts and sold piece by piece . This is precisely why the police are powerless and can trace thefts only with great difficulty and rarely. Then there are the lower safety standards for older cars. Even thieves, who would otherwise have to admit defeat to the technology and alarm systems, can easily strike at classic cars.

The anti-theft protection for your classic car helps with many functions and frees you from sorrow and worry. After all, in an emergency, no insurance company in the world will pay the current value of your vehicle, and if your last appraisal is a little late, you will end up making heavy losses even with the finest insurance.

Our finders will notify you immediately when an alarm is activated. Track your car in real time using the most accurate GPS data. In most cases, the innovative alarm can prevent theft in advance.

Not just a protection for your car

Much more than just anti-theft protection

  • Safety on tours – free of charge in up to 100 countries, always with the best network coverage
  • Rediscover beautiful routes afterwards – look at the route covered for 100 days & understand breaks
  • Emergency situation in an unknown region? – Fast help is often crucial. Even if no street name is recognizable, the emergency services can still reach you quickly via your location coordinates.
  • Tempting valuables in the car? – the vibration alarm notifies you immediately of attempts to open your car.
  • Safe storage – in phases in which the vehicle remains motionless in one place for a long time.

Frequently asked questions about vintage car GPS trackers

At what distance does the car tracker work?

With the help of a GPS tracker from PAJ, you can locate your car without restrictions. Regardless of whether you are at home, at work or on vacation. 

Does the GPS Tracker also have a radius alarm?

Yes, our devices are equipped with an alarm that can be used to set up an invisible fence for a specified area. If you leave the area, you will immediately receive an alarm message on your mobile phone.

Note: The range should not be less than 500 meters, otherwise false alarms can occur.

Does the car theft protection also protect valuables on the bike?

If the vibration alarm is active, you will receive an instant notification if someone tampered with your car. Movement on a luggage bag or case is also registered and triggers an alarm.

Why do I have to take out a subscription?

In order to be able to guarantee the functionality of a car GPS tracker, a special SIM card is built into the devices. This enables a location in real time without range restriction or additional costs abroad. We charge a small service fee for this.