GPS Tracker for

Live tracking, route storage, alarms
Make your trips safe and memorable.

Features and Benefits

Location tracking

Monitor your motorcycle instantaneously from your phone or computer panel. You will be given the precise location at the very right moment no matter where it is in the world and no matter where you are. With a worldwide positioning service platform, you can achieve remote vehicle management in all weather conditions.

Speed Alert

The speed alert feature notifies you any time when your scooter exceeds the speed limit you have predetermined in your tracker. You can also track the speed limits for your friends and family if they are using our device as a safety measure if you have access to the device.


You can set a geofence without any time or distance limit. When your motorcycle breached the geofenced zone is in any way, you will be notified instantly. The landmark feature allows you to set up alerts based on a specific location or perimeter, so you can passively track the motorcycle according to your requirement.

Customizable alerts

Customizable alerts are always at the top of the must-have tracking system features for your scooter. Radius alarm, speed alarm, ignition alarm, etc are the common alarm features that a GPS car tracking device usually has. It will notify you in case of an emergency and will let you act immediately according to the situation.

Trip history and vlogging

How cool is it to have a 3D video of your entire trip? Our GPS Tracker can generate beautiful videos of your trip on the map. If you are a vlogger, you can add your 3D trip video to enhance the overall visual. In addition to 3D video, all of your trip history will be stored on your PAJ Finder portal dashboard. You can analyze this data to get better insight about your trips and can plan more efficiently.

The motorcycle theft protection for the safety of your bike

Build quality

The device can withsatnd extreme weather conditions and works even if your cell phone has no signal. This makes it the best companion on your trips because you can be in touch with police departnent in case of emergency via SOS button.

Network coverage in 100+ countries

Our device works in more than 100 countries. So if you are buying a product from the UK you can use it in other countries as well. 


This device is waterproof so it won’t get spoiled in any weather especially in the rainy season.

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GPS tracker motorcycle

Not just protection
for your bike

Regardless of whether it is a super athlete, enduro or naked bike. Your own machine is sacred to you. In fact, you really grow together with her over the kilometers. Is your motorcycle not just a commercial vehicle for you to get from A to B, but – also emotionally – an object of value? Then protect it with a motorcycle theft protection from PAJ.

In Germany, 33,000 motorcycles are reported as stolen every year. Theft is everywhere – whether on the go, from the underground car park or directly in front of the owner’s houses. The clearance rate remains disappointingly low. Only every 5th case is cleared up.

Not only theft, but also other dangers await motorcycle owners. Vandalism, damage resulting from a hit-and-run or an accident. 

With the GPS Tracker motorcycle you can always track the location of your bike in real time. In an emergency, a theft can be resolved quickly and the motorcycle can be retrieved. Often, various alarms can even prevent it from being stolen or damaged in the first place.

Much more than just a motorcycle theft protection

Safe on vacation – free of charge in up to 100 countries, always with the best network coverage
Record beautiful tours retrospectively – look at the distance covered for 365 days & understand breaks
Emergency situation in an unknown region? – Quick help is often crucial. Even if no street name is recognizable, the rescue workers can still reach you quickly using your location coordinates.
Safe wintering – the motion alarm informs you immediately if someone tries to move your motorcycle.


Frequently asked questions about motorcycle GPS trackers

At what distance does the motorcycle tracker work?

With the help of a GPS tracker from PAJ, you can locate your two-wheeler without restrictions. Regardless of whether you are at home, at work or on vacation. 

Does the GPS Tracker motorcycle also have a radius alarm?

Yes, our devices are equipped with an alarm that can be used to set up an invisible fence for a specified area. If you leave the area, you will immediately receive an alarm message on your mobile phone.

Note: The range should not be less than 500 meters, otherwise false alarms can occur.

Does the motorcycle theft protection also protect valuables on the bike?

If the vibration alarm is active, you will receive an instant notification if someone tampered with your motorcycle. Movement on a luggage bag or case is also registered and triggers an alarm.

Why do I have to take out a subscription?

In order to be able to guarantee the functionality of a motorcycle GPS tracker, a special SIM card is built into the devices. This enables a location in real time without range restriction or additional costs abroad. We charge a small service fee for this.